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7 responses to “Huckleberry Grilled Doves”

  1. Wronknee

    It makes me laugh everytime I see a recipe calling for ‘unsalted butter’ followed by X amount of salt. What am I missing?

  2. jerkenbrack

    yeah, too much salt is a common problem

  3. shotgunner

    What Hank describes is not about “too much”. It’s about the “right amount”. An unknown qty of salt in salted butter plus what you need for every other ingredient is fluid. But unsalted butter allows for reproducibility. That is the hallmark of good cooking; reproducibility.

    Hank, I have been able to reproduce your recipes; times many! Thanks!

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  6. David

    Hank –

    Made this recipe last night. Although (and don’t shoot me here) I did not make the sauce due to a lack of time so I used a locally made commercial barbecue sauce. Came out excellent!

    I promise next time to leave enough prep time to make the sauce.

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