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13 responses to “Pretty in Pink”

  1. Jack

    Hank, I would love to have fished that un-named stream with you but I would have used a fly rod rather than a spinner. I would probably have caught fewer fish than you did but the excitement of bringing a good fish to the net on the more delicate set-up would compensate for the lower number. I fly fish for salmon on the Spey in Scotland. The only time we are allowed to fish a spinner there is when the river is in flood and it is amazing how fish which have ignored every type of fishing fly will vigorously attack a copper coloured bait. You caught salmon with a net last week, with a bait this week and next time I hope that you will try the flea!

  2. Sage Hunt

    With earned and deserved respect, I must humbly submit Salvador Fidalgo, a murderer of untold numbers Makah and other indigenous people, renamed Cordova Island after he rediscovered it. Salvador’s tsunami of terror did not stop in Alaska. He is also responsible for killing innocents in the Gulf of California. These horrors only happened 200 years ago the crippling effect of genocide continues to ripple through indigenous cultures today. I’ve never posted before and I want to say, Hank, thank you so much for your first-class book and the absolutely altruistic gift that is your blog. Both have inspired me to do things I never would have imagined. Thank you.

  3. Allisen

    You left this displaced Alaskan terribly homesick. Bravo for your lovely capture of the place (and for a little respect to the much ignore pink).

    I would guess those pines you mentioned were Sitka spruce. A dime a dozen in that part of the state.

  4. Christine

    I recognized Daniel Klein in one of those pictures! The Perennial Plate is one of my other places to read/watch. My father fished Dolly Varden (sp?) while working in the Aleutian Islands. Alaska is a magical place, especially for fishermen. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Juls (Pepper and Sherry)

    That was the most beautiful piece I’ve read here. Sure, passion fills every small space of this blog but here it really leapt out and I really wish I could see that fabled stream for myself. I’ve never learnt to fish – no one I know does so being either city folk or from such a rural line they can catch fish in their hands – I doubt I could learn to do that! It always seems like a hobby that’s peaceful with patience and no need to rush with a grounding to nature. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Calvin

    I have fished a small river that looked just like that, a tiny estuarine stream near Sitka. Gorgeous, just as yours in your great photos. We were fishing for Dolly Varden, my first time casting a fly. The river was fast and muddy in late June, and the fishing was nothing like you describe–I was the only one of my group, the beginner, to land a Dolly, which I promptly returned to the silty stream. Fishing was awful…but still pretty great. I like your story. Thanks, Hank.

  7. alaskarosalie

    Welcome to my world!

  8. Joanne

    I love fishing for pinks in PWS. This time is especially bittersweet, the nights are becoming cooler, pulling old cucumber plants out of the greenhouse and taking stock of what we’ve put away in the freezer. We have 8 beautiful big reds to smoke now and friends tell me there’s a great video from an Inupiat in Nome who has a new and improved smoke recipe.

    It’s nice to read your take on the place I call home. There is a peaceful and easy way of living up here in Alaska that is unlike anywhere else. I went to the lower 48 last week and the 105 degree days nearly killed me, I sleep with great ease at night with the breeze that rolls off the glaciers and into my bedroom window. I hope I never take it for granted.

  9. Mike

    Pinks have soft mouths hard hooksets and horsing them in makes for a lighter catch

  10. Ivy Manning

    Great piece, Hank! I wish I would have gotten up early and gotten my feet wet, this sounds amazing. Thanks!

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  12. Andrew Moravec

    Hank, I am Ian’s coworker up at Orca… I have been to that stream quite a few times in the past couple years, yet I would have NEVER imagined someone could capture the experience as well as you have with this… amazing! I am excited to follow your blog and other writing, thank you for sharing your experience.

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