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13 responses to “Swedish Crayfish Salad”

  1. Michael Greenberg

    In the recipe, you mean tails, not shells… right? How long do you boil crayfish for? (And is it a boil, or a simmer?) Do you save crayfish shells for stock?

  2. Jerry

    It’s a shame that people don’t bother with the claws. The claw meat is amazing! It does take a bit of work, though

  3. Ed

    Another great post! I was intrigued what crawfish knife looked like. I ran across this wonderful post that describes a crawfish party (and shows the knives)

  4. Ed

    I’m reading more about cooking crawfish. Some sites recommend purging the crawfish before cooking them (keeping them in clean fresh water for a couple of days). Is this just to clear the digestive track or is it to remove a muddy taste if they came from muddy water. Any recommendations?

  5. Kodi

    Down in LA when we purge them we usually pour salt on them while we soak them in water right before boiling. We’ve done this since I was young and I don’t remember ever killing very many of them. Now does it actually work? Who knows. I think soaking them in water them draining it and repeating works fine. To be honest I’ve never really noticed a difference in crawfish that were purged and those that weren’t.

  6. Peter

    I remember leaving Copenhagen some forty years ago and going into Duty Free and buying maybe a half dozen different of whatever it really is called, all liberally laced with caraway. Has to live in the freezer to get the best out of it. though.

    I am sending this recipe to my niece now camping on the east shore of Tahoe so she and her son can take advantage of it. Thanks!

  7. Ed

    Might have an answer on purging the crawdads. My guess is that the die off was due to lack of oxygen in the holding water. I found a great site that deals with all things crayfish

    The following is an excerpt from his article #12 “Cooking Crayfish” ( )

    Purging Crayfish
    But first of all, don’t do anything for a day or two. Nothing? Yes, nothing. But you must keep the live crayfish cool and moist in the meantime, maybe in a cooler or even a refrigerator.

    Now, why would you do that? To purge the critters. Purging crayfish, crabs or lobsters too, for that matter, is what cleans out their sand vein; in other words, their large intestine. If you don’t, the intestine along the top of the tail, will lie there black, fat and sassy. If you cook them without purging first, and that’s all right too, you can pull out the intestine just before you eat the crayfish tail. It’s quick and easy.

    But many of us don’t like to see that black intestine, so here is what you can do. Leave the crayfish in the cooler or other container for a day or two while you pamper them with moisture – not water – and cool temperatures [NOTE: in his FAQ he says he uses ice]. What happens now is simply that they go to the bathroom, so to speak, and after a day, two days for sure, their intestine turns clear and you can forget about it.

    Some believe in purging the crayfish by keeping them in salty water for a while. My experience tells me that doesn’t work.

  8. Est

    How could you bash Scandinavian food!? You don’t know what you are missing.

  9. Wayne

    Leaving live crawfish in the cooler overnight will purge them like explained above. A good fresh water rinse before cooking is a good idea, but don’t leave a large quantity in plain or salt water unless it is filtered/aerated like the tanks you see lobsters or crabs in at the market. They will live well in a standard home aquarium also, but they like to crawl out of the tank and walk across your floor.

    When we cook them cajun style, you boil in seasoned water for 5 minutes or so like Hank states, then put chunks of ice in the water to stop the cooking but let the seasoning soak in for another 10-15 minutes. Same could be done with dill infused water.

  10. cajun injun

    I was going to make a batch of crawdad gumbo. But, I will have to set aside some for this. Looks delicious.

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