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11 responses to “Crepinettes with Wild Boar”

  1. Phillip

    Damn, that looks and sounds awesome!

    I always had a feeling you could do something useful with that stuff, but since most of my critters are dressed (undressed?) in the backcountry, I tend to leave those “extras” in the field. Hopefully, hunting in Texas will have me doing more of the processing closer to the house, which means I’ll have the luxury of salvaging more of the pieces-parts that I usually left for the coyotes and ravens.

  2. Tyler

    Do deer possess said “caul fat?” Only reason I ask is because they are the only big game I chase and, thus, the only big game I gut. If they do have the magic fat, would it be adequate for a recipe such as this?

  3. Juls (Pepper and Sherry)

    I love seeing the many ways you are utilising Matilda. I think she’s the first kill I’ve watched you break down so thoroughly since I subscribed to your blog and it’s really fascinating and I applaud you sir! I envy your ability to live in this way and the delicacy, respect and grace with which you handle a subject that would be so easy to treat with boorishness and irreverence.
    We do, indeed, call these the laugh-stifling name of ‘faggots’ over here. We often had them for school dinners though I doubt they were half as good as these beauties!

  4. Alison

    I am SO glad you posted this! My husband has been talking about going to hunt boar (we’re in TX; they’re thick as flies) but I flew into a panic when I realized that I had no idea how to cook it! Now I do; thank you.

  5. Squeak

    Thanks for another secret chef´s trick.

  6. Joe Navari

    One of the great things about archery hunting is the caul fat is most often protected when an arrow hits it. When hunting with a rifle often the caul fat is completely destroyed if a quartering away or toward shot is taken. One of my favorite things is a caul wrapped venison loin grilled over a wood fire at deer camp. I’m fortunate to hunt fat midwestern whitetails each year and they usually have good caul fat.

  7. Katie

    Idea: turn these guys into sliders topped with caramelized onions, grilled wild mushrooms, and drizzled with a fantastic vinegar. Can you say swank party food?

  8. Krystal

    A timely post! I was walking around a market in London recently and was very excited to see these! I would have passed right over them otherwise!

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  11. grassfood.

    Caul fat is most special and I harvest ours from our sheep or goats that we slaughter. Here is what sheep caul fat looks like:

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