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14 responses to “Wild Boar Chile Colorado”

  1. Sean

    No clove?

  2. Sara

    So why is it called Chile Colorado? Makes me think of something like Denver Omelets – not a good Mexican sauce.

  3. Kevin

    I know what I’m going to be making this weekend! Wild duck or venison? Hmmm…

  4. Ricardo Rodríguez

    The ancho chiles are called colorado (red) chiles, thence the name. Also called chiles of color, for obvious reasons. They give the color to the salsa.
    Just this chile puree or variations of it like the described above are used to dredge tortillas for enchiladas and other dishes.

  5. Lawrence Heath

    I will have to look for the Mexican Oregano to our grilling herb garden.

  6. The Internet Kitchen: New Condo! | Macheesmo

    […] Chile Colorado – This caught my eye because I live in Colorado. I’ve never heard of a chile colorado. It sounds perfect though especially if you happen to have some wild boar laying around… (@ Hunter Angler) […]

  7. Paul

    I live in Colorado as well and this is the first I’ve heard of Chile Colorado. I have to make this now. I have some venison, elk, bison….I may have to try a bit of each!

  8. J.W. Hamner

    Made a mashup of this recipe and Diana Kennedy’s this weekend… meaning I braised the pork to “almost done” before frying the meat and chile mixture and simmering for 20 minutes. Used your suggestion of cinnamon as well as the crushed tomatoes and stock. Thought it came out great and decided to be thoroughly non traditional and serve it as tacos.

  9. Meg

    Colorado is a Spanish word, meaning “colored”. Chile Colorado does not refer to the state of Colorado.

  10. Rocks


    It’s called “chile colorado” because colorado is a form of slang for “red”, maknig it “Red Chili pepper”

  11. casey

    I have made this many times with rabbit. Conejo colorado.

  12. Gary Simmons

    Simply Outstanding. Became a fan after watching an episode of Meat Eater. Can’t wait to get a hold of a Jack Rabbit.

  13. Saulius Germanas

    Followed this recipe with wild hog and it was just incredible. Thanks Hank.

  14. Krystal

    Made this during a recent snow day with wild boar. A really flavorful and filling dish. Didn’t have the exact chiles on hand but used chipotle chiles in adobe, a dried Tabasco pepper and one other dried pepper and it was great. Thanks!

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