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11 responses to “Looking for Mr. Brown”

  1. rebecca

    Oh man, I so loved reading this. Haven’t made it up to the Sierras once this year yet, but I’m itching to go now…

  2. Nate

    Especially great writing on this piece, Hank. I know of a few areas with pines here in Indiana, but I don’t think we have any porcini here that I know of.

    Still plenty of other mushrooms to pursue!

  3. Doug Dreher

    I’ve never found a porcini, probably because I’ve never loooked for them……. I might take a look around some tomorrow, I’m heading up the hill to look for morels. I found some popping at the 5700 ft elevation, it sounds like 4000 ft might be good for the porcini’s?

  4. Teala

    when are you going to lead a mushroom hunt, Hank? Introduce me to the king?

  5. Michael C

    Well written. I hunted kings yesterday, still have a few to clean today. But reading this piece makes me want to get right out and look for more. You captured the experience nicely.

  6. Michael C

    You use the pores from the mature one for porcini powder? Never thought of that and good to know because I am going to spend the next hour or so cleaning the rest of yesterday’s bounty.

  7. Michael Q (@Epicuranoid)

    Very nicely written, and hopefully a big help. If I can find them in spring, maybe I’ll have better luck all summer. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I always keep a chain saw in the back of my truck when I’m in deep, have yet to need it, but It gives me comfort to know I have it.

  8. Mike

    Made a great porcini(powder, as above),& fresh cherry sauce with tarragon & brandy last night for a couple of home raised 2″ thick, 1.25lb pork chops.
    Thanks for the inspiration Hank. See you on the western slope!

  9. Mike

    Wowie Zowie! Thanks for the inspiration Hank! Grilled a couple of 1.25lb, 2″ thick, home raised pork chops last night and finished them with a fresh cherry, powdered porcini sauce with brandy, tarragon and rendered fois gras. Oh my…

  10. Lou

    Not being a jackass, but one porcino is, well, a porcino (not a porcini)

    Buon giorno 🙂

  11. Marilyn

    What a wonderful article !!! I can’t wait to try foraging for Spring porcini !!
    Are you leading any trips (one on one or group)?
    I’d love to join.
    Keep writing you inspire me to keep hunting
    Found some black chanterelles this past weekend. Yummo

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