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23 responses to “Spaghetti with Crab Sauce”

  1. Kevin

    Looks and sounds amazing. I will be making this tomorrow, no doubt about it!

  2. OregonCoastGardener

    Thanks Hank, guess I need to make time to hit the beach with my crab traps. Interesting that your Dungeness in CA are so dark red cooked; on the Oregon coast they cook up with more of a salmon-pink-red color. Is it their diet?

    The addition of anise flavor to this recipe reminds me of an oyster bisque I made years ago with my brother in WA state with local oysters; it included bulb fennel and anise liquor too– amazing flavor, we couldn’t stop eating it. Think we found the recipe originally in Sunset magazine.

  3. Hot sauce Mike

    Those are Red rock crabs. looking at the deck boards these are wee little crabs

  4. Canal Cook

    This looks like a fantastic recipe with lots of flavour. I wonder if you could use a mix of brandy and dried star anise in place of ouzo?

  5. Lee

    Looks good. What do you mean by crab “shells”? Just the main body without the legs but leaving the green stuff and lung like stuff on the sides? Thanks forthe recipe!

  6. Bob

    For the crab shells, are you using the smaller leg pieces you don’t want to spend the time to pick or are you using empty picked shells?

  7. Dayna Green-Burgeson

    Wow, I will definitely remember this for next year when crab season comes around. Kind of a take on cioppino but with only the best part of the seafood (if you ask me it is all about the crab)and no messy shells!

  8. Dean Valente

    Hank,thanks for this recipe! You describe the process perfectly. Crab season just opened here in Washington State. I just made this and it came out great.

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  10. Coco in the Kitchen

    Ouzo? No way!
    Ok, this is on the menu tonight. Cheers!

  11. Brian C.

    We did this with lobster meat/shells and sambuca. It came out great. Thanks.

    Brian C.

  12. Giovanni M

    An Italian chef once said that simple cooking is the best cooking. Why all of these ingredients?Crabs and Spaghetti is a very old recipe, simple ,easy ,and delicious.

  13. Kim

    Hi Hank!
    I have a glut of crab right now. Do you think I could make this in quantity and freeze it?

  14. Coco in the Kitchen

    Simply gorgeous.
    I should make this for my hubby’s birthday.
    He just might marry me all over again!

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  16. josh

    How would I go about cooking this with cold water crawdads?

  17. peter

    just cooked it today, man was it good…using the brown rock crab from Doran beach…no not the jetty, just the rocks near the parking lot 😉

    Also curious if other herbs (oregano, basil, capers) go well with crab. Like a substitute for fennel.

    Great post and hope to catch more crab!

  18. Eddie

    Couldn’t you use just crabmeat instead of crushing shells etc like use 6oz of crab why crush shells etc

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