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6 responses to “Wild Turkey Parmesan”

  1. Kevin

    OMG – That looks amazing (great pics Holly)!
    /right click’d
    //saved to “food p0rn” folder

  2. Florian

    Good idea! I just happen to have a bird in my fridge and was looking for recipes.

  3. Will K.

    Great idea for wild turkey breast! Wild turkey is so easy to overcook. even more so than it’s domestic cousin. I’ve always separated breast from thighs & legs (stock from the carcass plus siimered & pulled meat from the legs & thighs makes an awesome gumbo). I do the breasts the same way- cutlets pounded thin, egg wash, seasoned breadcrumbs- but I’d never considered the “full Monty” Turkey Parm- I’m going to have to try it this weekend w/ domestic turkey breast (log out of any wild turkey). Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Bob

    Great recipe. No wild turkey in the freezer, but I cooked this last night with a pair of skinless whitefront breasts from the end of the season. Quartered each breast and made a total of 8 cutlets. Outstanding. Thanks Hank.

  5. Greg

    Tried the turkey recipe with store bought drumsticks, hands down the most tender, moist and delicious turkey meal ever.

  6. The Judge

    Hank: i have made wiener schnitzel with wild turkey breasts for years. Very good. Had some a few days ago. In upstate New York for fall turkey with our turkey dogs, The Boytel Retreiver. Gonna try your turkey parmesan tomorrow with a leaf or two of basil floating on top. Julia Child used to say that you could substitute turkey breast for any veal dish.

    Have personal access to a serious meat cutting operation where I make my wild turkey breakfast link sausage out of the giblets, thighs, white scraps and 40 % pork. Lightly smoked & showered for nice bloom. Very good and very rare, as in nobody else does it. If I knew how, I could send you a picture.

    Later this month, back in Georgia, where the very first doe will make a fine Chilindron!

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