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13 responses to “Hello Striper, My Old Friend”

  1. Joe Navari

    That day was one of the best fishing days I’ve ever had in California. A great resource!

  2. Tamar@StarvingofftheLand

    Nice striper, Hank. And a lovely tribute to a most excellent fish.

    Our season is just kicking off. We’re supposed to go out tomorrow for the first time, first for mackerel to liveline, and then for the stripers in the mouth of Barnstable Harbor. Our minimum here is 28 inches (down from a whopping 36, which is was when the striper population was dangerously low), so I envy you making dinner out of an 18-incher.

    Last year’s season was very good to us, and we’re just finishing the last of the bass we froze from last year. Time to start all over again.

  3. Casey@Good. Food. Stories.

    Thanks a lot – because of the post title, now I’ve got Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sounds of Silence” in my head, but I’m changing the lyrics to be about fish.

  4. Greg Williams

    I quite enjoyed your article on the fine species we know as Rock Fish. We have surf fished for striper at the Outer Banks of NC for many years. My finest hour was a back to back bite on the famous Avon Beach (ramp 34) where I landed a 38lb and 20lb within 20 minutes of one another. I was on top of the world!
    Ten men dined on those stripers in every way imaginable for two solid days. I am in your camp on the taste, texture, and worthiness of the striper as superb tablefare. The 20 pounder fought much harder than the larger striper for some odd reason. We normally go after Red Drum, but have since changed our target to striper due to this one, now famous, weekend- at least in my own mind.
    Well written article- thanks!

  5. zane

    I love this website! thanks hank

  6. Hamish

    Hey Hank,

    Firstly, love your stuff. I probably spend more time reading it than all other media combined, (not including fotl and Tamar’s “sotl”). Actually just popped on to check out some of your pigeon recipes. I bagged a few this arvo.

    Just a question about fish when they have been in a good fight and there blood is pumping that they are not as tender. This is definatly the case for mammals, and there are livestock programs which aim to reduce stress of domestic animals prior to slaughter.

    With fish however I have found that when you bleed a fish that is fatigued, it’s heart does a better job at pumping out the blood. Hence less bloodline and dark meat. It is for this reason any fish I am going to keep, I instantly cut its throat and bleed it.

    Just a thought and something u might try if you want check the difference.

    Keep up the good work and I better look about for a pigeon recipe. What’s your fav?

    Hamish (Australia)

  7. cougmantx

    Great article. I love catching Stippers but the only ones we have here in Texas are all in freshwater. My experience is that those breed and released in freash water don’t fight as well as their saltwater relatives. Still great eating fish though.

    I have a question about the platter. I had a couple made up custom for me along the same lines as the one in the picture. Where did you find it? Great for presentation when entertaining.

  8. Aaron Wintersmith

    How are you rigging that bait? Did you actually tie it on above the hook, or did the fish push it up there?

  9. Porter

    Great article. I’ve read your site for some time now but this one struck a nerve with me so I was obliged to comment.

    Here on the Chesapeake it’s been a good year, plus I pulled a few from the surf at Assateague Island a week or so ago.

    Also, for cougmantx, I believe the platter pictured is the same as one I have (two actually, one is a fair bit smaller). Try a search for “michael aram hammered kayak bowl” and you’ll find plenty. I bought mine for the same purpose. The mirrored finish really shows off my smoked fish fillet well.


  10. Nathan


    I was hoping you could tell me about your process from getting fish from the hook to the pan. How and when do you kill them? Do you put them on ice right away? Are they freezer friendly? I’ve heard about many different methods, but what do you recommend?

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