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16 responses to “Ventreche, French Bacon”

  1. phanmo

    In the Poitou region, ventreche isn’t cured or rolled, it’s more or less used exclusively on the grill. Where I live now, in Nantes, only 200km away, they don’t even know the word!

  2. Michelle W.

    Love this! We smoke a lot of our meats, and later this year we’ll have a freshly butchered pig, so I’m going to try this. Thank you so much for posting. I enjoy reading all your posts!

  3. The Mom Chef ~ Taking on Magazines One Recipe at a Time

    I have a friend who went through a whole ‘class’ in charcuterie, but I don’t remember her making this version of bacon (since she had a whole pig, I think she made just about every other kind). It looks and sounds amazing. I’d definitely like the smoked version over the hanged in the refrigerator one.

  4. Bpaul

    Question about butchering a wild hog. Do you attempt to preserve the skin? Or do you skin it and proceed to butcher from there?


  5. kate hill

    Love the wild boar belly variation, Hank. It’s the belly that puts the ventre in ventreche. A very Gascon way of saying belly+salt+pepper+smoke= life. Every good Gascon recipe starts with some cut into lardonsseared in duckfat. Can’t wait for you to come over this fall and get a taste of Gascony.

  6. Lauryn

    Hank, we recently butchered an Ossabow pig and are prepping to make bacon from the belly this weekend. Our plan is to create a cold smoking device using two hot smokers – smoke in one, meat in the other, and ducting between the two.

    What is your opinion on hot smoking vs cold smoking of bacon? Is it still true bacon when you have hot smoked and essentially cooked it? Bacon is typically cold smoked and then cooked immediately for use, correct? Wouldn’t your version be creating something different, yet similar to bacon?

  7. Lauryn

    Its supposed to be rather cool but pleasant here this weekend, so we’re going to give it a go. I also sent my husband this link so he can read about your version. Perhaps we’ll make a last minute change of plans as far as the smoking goes. Thanks!

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  9. Sarah

    I’m a little late to the game on this, but I have to ask- would it be possible to do this with a jowl, do you think? I have 1 Ossabaw and 1 Tamworth jowl waiting for me, and one or the other will need to be ready in 3 weeks. This sounds like a really nice treatment, if it would work…

  10. Dani

    Does the pork belly need to be fresh (as opposed to frozen and then thawed) when you make this?

  11. Curt

    I cold smoke this way:

    Smoke is generated in my Kamado smoker. Any hot smoker where intake air can be damped should work. I duct the smoke into a beer case box via an aluminum dryer duct taped (duct taped of course) into it. I put a metal free-standing grill inside the case box. I put a long probe thermometer in the case box and fold the flaps over. The longer the dryer duct, the more heat is lost between the smoker and the box. I have cold smoked salmon, tuna, sausages, belly bacon and guanciale this way. I just smoked 5 pounds of Landjäger (your recipe) and the temp in the box never exceeded 100 degrees F.

    Great blog!

  12. Christine

    Hey Hank – I’m about to try this great sounding recipe w/ a piece of Tamworth belly from a pig I butchered last fall. I only have a Big Chief smoker and have only ever smoked fish. So my questions are… Will this work with the Big Chief – I think it is cooler than 250 degrees. Also, do you have any advice for how many trays of wood chips I should use during the 4-6 hours of smoking? And would Alder be ok? Thanks a bunch! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your webpage and every recipe I have made from it.

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