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12 responses to “Cheek by Jowl”

  1. jamie

    this looks awesome hank,

    never thought about grabbing meat from the head of our wild boars, are there instructions somewhere for skinning out the head?

  2. Stef

    This looks so good. Will definitely give it a try. Have you tried doing cheeks at say 140F for 36 hours? It would be a completely different texture but might be interesting.

  3. Kate / onionchoco

    All I can say is… awesome!
    I love the style and presentation, colours are fantastic.

  4. Ruth

    Would this recipe work with bear cheeks? My hubby is planning on shooting a bear this spring (I hunt too but only for meat that we can eat!) and I am wanting to try some of the bear meat. I have heard that the fat makes great pastry too so I will try that as well.

  5. Nikki

    Ruth – I am happy to verify that bear fat makes excellent pastry, though as it is softer once rendered than either butter or lard the final product can be very delicate. Sometimes I mix it with another fat. It does add a nice almost savory flavor to pie crusts, which makes it fantastic in an apple pie with a filling more on the tart side and served with very sharp cheddar instead of something like sweetened whipped cream. You can also grease your boots with bear fat.
    Bear meat makes great pulled sandwiches with BBQ sauce.

  6. Nathan

    I have tried to use pork cheeks in several dishes but every time I get my hands on fresh cheeks there is too much fat. I understand that this is supposed to be an excessively fatty cut but after braising the jowl am left with nothing more than melted fat and no cut of meat to speak of (almost like overcooking foie). However, from the photo it looks like a fair amount of protein is present in your cheek.

    Should I be looking for meatier cuts of cheek? Is sousvide the only answer?

    Anyone have the direction I need for successful cheek cooking?


  7. Nathan

    Ah – excellent information to know going forward

    Much appreciated

  8. Langdon Cook

    Great name, great color.

  9. We Are Never Full

    ok, gorgeous dish. wow. i’m definitely using that saffron sauce. again, can you open a shop and sell all these wonderful meats?

  10. Jason

    Made this last night, came out great. Unfortunately I was out of saffron, but the meats were so rich it was ok.

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