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15 responses to “Barbecued Wild Turkey”

  1. Jules

    He doesn’t look too different from my homegrown heritage birds. They’re not good for roasting whole either. I’ll keep your thigh recipe in mind. I like to stir fry the breasts.

  2. Stephen Andrew

    Damn, that is some seriously efficient hunting! I am a firm believer in brining my turkeys–do you think brining the thighs would add or detract from the flavor? Congratulations on a successful hunt!

  3. Steve

    Being new to the turkey gig, I’d have to agree that he looks like our home raised bird. Except ours was 40 pounds dressed. We halved him before baking. I like your idea of barbecuing the parts separately.

  4. J.R. Young

    What is your guestimated temp on your grill? I grilled up a bird yesterday but went with a low direct heat since I had a hungry toddler and got started late.

  5. Teala

    Thigh girl myself. Can’t wait to go on my first hunt and get a turkey! This would be a delicious recipe to celebrate!

  6. Leslie

    My daughter and Hubby are going on their first turkey hunt in a couple weeks here in Ohio. I can’t wait to use this recipe for the thighs. I usually do something in the oven with turkey, but you have inspired me to try the grill.

  7. Eric

    Great story and recipe as always Hank. Thanks for the turkey inspiration, I’ll be out next weekend after one of these guys here in Colorado.

  8. Robert

    ‘Talking’ with turkeys is a pretty unique experience in hunting. Sounds like you had a good guide who set it up just right. Hope you enjoyed it. I just called in and shot a couple toms in the Texas hill country and look forward to firing up the smoker and giving this recipe a try.

  9. Mark

    I’ve never been able to use wild turkey legs and thighs for anything other than stock/soup. too many tendons, and gets tough too quickly.. your turkey thighs remained moist and tender on the grill?

  10. Matt

    That looks fantastic. Only, I`m capable to do my hunting at the butcher shop…lol.

  11. Randy King

    The door is wide open for making a pun on the burbon. Did you use Wild Turkey, Hank?

  12. Michael

    I can’t wait to try this! I was lucky the first weekend of the season and have been looking for a recipe for the thighs. What do you think about pressuring the thighs of an old bird for a few minutes to reduce the grilling time?

  13. Ben

    I just tried this with the thighs from my spring gobbler. I don’t have a grill at the moment so I attempted to use the oven. Somehow I decided that 300 degrees for the 2-4 hours would be appropriate (this was my first time trying to bbq in the oven). Needless to say they ended up resembling bbq flavored shoe leather. However, I wasn’t about to waste perfectly good turkey thighs, so I powered through it. Now my teeth hurt. Anyway, what temperature and time would you recommend for the next time I try this in the oven?


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