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18 responses to “Venison with Morel Sauce”

  1. Kevin

    Sadly, I hardly ever encounter morels in the woods. There used to be a saying “You find them near an elm when the oaks’ leaves are the size of a mouse’s ear” or something to that effect.

    We liked the sauce so much we made this several times (with shiitakes though) back when there were still backstraps in the icebox. /sheds a tear
    As you said, this sauce with a seared-to-perfection medallion would make a convert out of most ‘game-haters’. But, I fear most of them would have reservations about eating game that is not ‘fully cooked’.

  2. Me

    This recipe sounds so good. FYI you can get morel mushrooms at Wholefoods if you live near one.

  3. Tanya @ Lovely Greens

    This recipe looks AMAZING. I’ve never come across morels either but it sounds like now’s the time to go hunting for them.

  4. Stewart Putney

    Wow, this looks great and we have a friend with some venison we can use for this (probably can trade some of our blueberries). Of course, we need the morels (which are a favorite). What veg would you serve with this? Asparaugus? Fiddleheads?

    I recently discovered your blog and I am a big fan. We grow a lot of our food, cure meat and are getting deeper into charcuterie. We are getting closer to our food, if you know what I mean. It has been a good experience for our whole family. I look forward to reading more of the blog and making more of your recipes.


  5. Marcus

    I made this a couple months ago but it didn’t look like yours. I ended up with a bit of a burnt grandma gravy taste. I must have gotten things too hot at the end. I think I’ll have to try again!

  6. Greg

    Going to hunt for morels in the Kansas City area this afternoon. I think this sauce would be wonderful with rare/medium rare duck breast for an anniversary dinner next weekend.

  7. Chris

    Greg, The idea of duck breast with this sauce is right on the money! Add some wild rice with dried cherries in it and for God sakes drink a decent Pinot Noir with dinner! 😉

  8. Greg

    Yes, definitely wild rice. And a sauce I have made for duck breast is a reduction with shallots, dried plums, and Pinot! I had a bottle of Pedro Jimenez that was a gift, and I made a reduction some of it and shallots. It was incredible! The P.J. tastes (to me) like prunes, so after pricing another bottle I went with the dried plums. Just as good.
    I usually serve with wild rice and roasted pears with blue cheese and toasted pecans on arugula. My favorite dish. BTW, we only found 2 morels on Sunday, but they were tasty!

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  10. Megan

    I made this meal the other night and it was a HUGE hit! Used Ohio venison tenderloins and Virginia ramps and morels. I only write down recipes for the recipe box that are really a success and this one made the cut! Thanks, Hank!

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  13. marlis

    Love your venison, wild boar and salmon recipes!!!. I live in Bariloche , Patagonia and we have all of these down there. My father was a hunter, my children and I are fishermen. Saludos de Argentina

  14. Jennifer

    Hi Hank,
    My husband and I have recently become big fans of your site. We used your backstrap with morel sauce recipe for Christmas eve dinner. It was a huge hit. I referenced your blog in my blog post about our holidays, and included a link to the recipe. I hope that is okay? Thanks for posting such great recipes and information.

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  16. Zach Guttormson

    Thanks from Minnesota, Hank. What a wonderful recipe, and such a great way to celebrate a fresh deer taken over the weekend. Especially with friends and family who allow my obsession for the woods to be possible.

    These sort of recipes, the really good ones, not only justify my excursions (mushroom hunting, fishing, and hunting) but make everyone understand and revel at the wonders that are at our fingertips.

    Get off the couch, go outside and explore. It’s not always about the kill, the find, or the catch. Enjoy it further…what better than at a table filled with the ones closest to you.

    Hank, you get it brother!

  17. Sheila

    I loved this version of venison and morels here in northwest Montana both are plentiful and therefore staples in my family’s diet. This meal is essentially free.

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