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13 responses to “Tuscan Hare Sauce and Pappardelle”

  1. Marcus

    I saw a few jackrabbits while hunting in Wyoming last fall. Thinking I should bring my .22 along on the next trip.

  2. Kindra @

    Haha Marcus! Being from Wyoming there are a few jackrabbits and people do do a lot of cooking with rabbit, deer, antelope. I am going to print this receipe off for a coworker who I am sure will be trying this receipe!

  3. Kevin

    Delicious! There are a lot of Jack Rabbit up here where I live as well. Been contemplating a small game license for the upcoming season. Would be nice to take advantage of delicious recipes like this one.

  4. Luke

    My great grandmother homesteaded in Northwest Kansas and she commented that she was a little sick of eating jackrabbit all the time growing up. They used to drive them in herds and whack them by hand. I doubt she had this “exotic” recipe in the early 1900’s in rural KS. Since she made it to 103 years, maybe a little jackrabbit does the body good!
    The last black-tailed jackrabbit I shot in KS was long enough that his front feet touched the ground when holding his rear feet near my belt. That was some time ago, and my mother pressure cooked it. I think she did it because she wanted it dealt with and gone with haste. She warned of the gamey flavor, yet topped with BBQ sauce it was quite tasty, dark meat. Tender too, thanks to the pressure cooker. This dish looks good, so I think another jackrabbit is in order next time I visit the plains.

  5. Tom

    I’ll be making this one soon, probably this weekend. Do you think one whole blacktail will be enough?

  6. Vicky

    This looks delicious. Think this would work with wild boar meat?

  7. Mike

    I am currently making this recipe… I have it in my crock pot right now, hour and a half to go! Smells delicious and the few tastes tests I had so far were fantastic.

  8. Mike

    The results are in……. this recipe is AMAZING!!!!! Firstly, I used beef stew for the meat, otherwise I would be eating alone. I did not have sage or mushrooms on hand so that was omitted and I used maybe have the amount of Rosemary because I find it to be a very dominating spice. I did soak the meat overnight in buttermilk. I used standard red cooking wine found at any food store. As for cooking, I used a large frying pan to start the sauce, and then transferred the sauce and seared meat into my electric crock pot on high for 3.5 hours. By the 3rd hour, the meat was falling apart. Lastly, I put the sauce and meat into my food processor, just a pulse or two was all that was needed to make the meat fall apart. I served this over papperdelle which is the perfect pasta to serve this with.

    This recipe will be used repeatedly, the entire family devoured it! Thank you for sharing this recipe!!

  9. Mike

    A quick comment regarding the meat…. you could use any red meat for this sauce. I was actually thinking of trying pork next time.

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  11. Christoph

    This is excellent with Nevada desert hare. Tried your Sardinian hare stew recipe last week which was clean and light. That was good, but this one is lusty and rich. I’ll take lusty and rich. Well done, Hank. Thanks for sharing this.

  12. Becky in TX

    This recipe is currently on a low simmer at my stove but I couldn’t wait to say : THANK YOU! It tastes fantastic and I’m sure the flavors will only develop as time goes on. I felt entirely out of my element as I harvested a hare 2 days ago – but your posts on butchering and myriad of recipes and information has really helped me feel like I can totally handle the challenge. Thanks for your attention to detail and enthusiasm. It’s contagious.

    One substitute- I had to use dried crimini mushrooms as I couldn’t find porcini, even at Whole Foods. I used about .75oz. I’m sure the flavors are a bit different, but the earthiness and supple smoothness of the crimini is a beautiful addition to the stew. It showcases the rosemary and other flavors so well.

    I can’t wait to try more of your recipes as it’s just the beginning of hunting season this year! Entirely gracious for your work on this site and the care you take to be absolutely thorough.

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