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29 responses to “Wild Duck or Goose Jerky”

  1. semiswede

    Mmmmm. I LOVE jerky. It’s hard to come by in Sweden and when you find it, it’s crazy expensive. I’ll forward this link to my hunter brother in the hopes that I can coax him to make some and mail it to me!

  2. mikio

    love your book and this looks great!

  3. IF

    You don’t use too much of it, but any idea why there is sugar in jerky? Often the commercial varieties taste more like candy than meat.

  4. Ashley

    I just found your blog through foodgawker. I love your concept and I look forward to more recipes. Hopefully I will have a chance to make this duck jerky!

  5. r~

    I have goose in the marinade right now. Really looking forward to seeing how this shakes out!

  6. Patrick

    Have you ever tried any other mushrooms dried and powdered other than porcini? I have some dried chanterelle ??? Your thoughts? Thanks…

  7. Betsy

    Hank- Does the use of Instacure negate the need to heat fully before dehydrating? Last year I tried following the USDA guidelines (heat to 160, then dehydrate), and was not happy with the product. Cooked, and then dehydrated, I guess. Anyway, I’m excited to try a new batch, and use my mushroom powder, sulphur shelf. We’ll see…

  8. John

    Tried this with some teal. My son thought the texture was too soft. Some of the pieces were really thin and he liked those betterbut still not great. I had it in the oven for 6.5 hours. It seemed pretty dried out to me but was soft. Any thoughts as to what I did wrong?

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    […] our way towards a reality in which duck jerky is not just a snack for dogs, and I welcome it. (Recipes exist, but I can’t find anywhere that mass-produces it for human […]

  10. Kerie

    I know it sounds gross, but can you dehydrate/make jerky out of previously frozen duck? I have sooooo much duck because hunters always give me bags of it in hunting season, and unless I make stew I don’t really eat it. But I freeze it all in case some incredible recipe comes up :). I’m very new to dehydrating. Do you put the meat in raw (after marinade?) Help me Obi Wan.

  11. Kerie

    I’d also like to add that I am a trained cook, and have a lot of experience in canning and preserving and such. I promise I’m not daft. :)

  12. Rob

    You most certainly can. I usually freeze my duck and goose and don’t thaw it fully which makes slicing it into strips a 100 times easier!

  13. Cindy Byers

    My husband and I hunt Canada geese and have tried every which way to cook them but never truly cared for the taste of them. That is until I made jerky yesterday! Our plan was to make it in the oven since we don’t have a dehydrator and then freeze it for the rifle hunt. Hah – there was nothing left to freeze! Absolutely declicous and not that difficult to do (except for the slicing of the meat). I can’t wait to go out and get more geese. We varied the recipe slightly (teriyaki sauce instead of water) but I have never been good at following a recipe exactly. It took roughly 5 1/2 hours in the oven at 150. I’ve got more in the oven right now! Thanks for the recipe and the suggestion to use an oven. I would never have thought of that on my own.

  14. Bill

    Cindy – Out of curiosity is the 150 Celcius or Fahrenheit? It’s a Canada/US thing. Thanks for your help. Looking forward to trying this with a snow goose.

  15. Dan

    Could you use turkey with this recipe?

  16. Bryan

    Do you Brine out the blood first or use it straight from breasting?

  17. Eric Jennings

    Got some snow geese yesterday, and looking forward to trying this recipe with them this week!

  18. Tom Anderson

    I’ve spent hours reading recipes online and have decided to try this one. My question is: I like jerky with a little kick. Pepper jerky is my favorite. Should I use this recipe as is or add more pepper. If its add more,… Red or black? Thanks Hank!

  19. Ken Nomiyama

    I tried your recipe for roasted wild goose and it came out good. Too wild and gamey for my wife but ok for me. I think I overcooked it though. I used the slow roast approach as the Canada goose was about 8 lbs (my guess as I did not weigh it). I cooked it at 325 F for 2 hours. After the temp got to 145 F. I took it out for 10 minutes, put it back in the oven at 450 F until the skin crisped (this took about 15 minutes). Is there a rule-of-thumb for minutes/lbs that I could use, or should I just try to get the meat to the 145 F?

    Question about the goose jerky. Should the skin be left on the breast meat and should each slice include a piece of the skin?

  20. Jim

    I did this with goose. Very good jerky. Because I used dried thyme from my own garden, it was a little too much. I’ll reduce the quantity next time.

  21. Aaron Bales

    Hank first off thank you for the two amazing books you have wrote. I made this receipt today from some Canadians I got this season. However, I was not able to fond the porcini powder so I left it out. Sadly this jerky taste like fish and pencil eraser. I can figure out why. I marinade for 30 hours and had leached the blood out the breast before slicing and marinade. Any idea how to fix?

  22. Mike

    Do you slice the breasts lengthwise or across? And can you skip the porcine powder ?

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