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17 responses to “Fish with Honey and Ouzo”

  1. Tanya @ Lovely Greens

    I’ve never tried Sturgeon before but the dish you’ve whipped up really looks delicious!

  2. Matt

    If you’re making this recipe with shrimp do you dust the shrimp with flour or just cook them directly?

  3. Laura P

    This is funny as hell, Hank! “Oompa-loompa”!

  4. eric

    Is there footage of the segment? I’d love to see you cook it, and I’d realllllly love to see the host shout oompa loompa!

  5. semiswede

    This sounds absolutely fantastic. It’s making me shout Opa! and Oompa Loompa! I really want to try this one but I’m afraid it will have to be with shrimp. I don’t think I have seen swordfish at my fish market. I’ll have to figure out the Swedish word so I can ask about it.

  6. IF

    In California 99 Ranch usually carries sturgeon (whole for steak). Some Chinese places on Irving street in SF have it (live). Sometimes Costco as fillet. Personally I have not managed to overcook sturgeon yet. I think it is quite forgiving compared to other fish. I really like it sashimi style. But for that it needs to be the farmed kind (parasites in the wild?) Shark sounds like a good substitute in your recipe, but at least where I live it is harder to get in stores.

  7. Rasmus

    @ semiswede; It’s almost too simple: svärdfisk.

  8. rick

    wow what a great recipe!! instead of cubing it, i cut 5 oz pieces and scored it and followed the instrucions. 10lb of fresh wild caught…………gone in one night.
    i used fresh braised brussel sprouts w/ shiitake mushrooms and wild rice pilaf.
    can’t wait to get your new cook bookthanks again, chef Rick

  9. Stella

    Pinch me! This is so wonderful. Layers of flavors in the syrup. I used pan fish from a Minnesota lake. Smaller fillets but its the sauce! Its the sauce! Thanks for a new addition to my recipe box. Im going back for 3rds…..

  10. felix ramos

    I think I will try this recipe i been fishing for sturgeon for years here in sacramento and the season its getting started sounds great.

  11. Brendan

    Ha! I always forget how some brackets work in html. I was grumbling about marrying a person who dislikes anise flavors. Usually just my family’s Christmas cookies that are spurned, but more of those for me. Making this dish for dinner wouldn’t work, and that is a major let down.

  12. forgotmyname

    Made this tonight with a Cretan Spanakorizo using shrimp. Excellent. I always love your recipes; they’re so simple yet so, so good. Opa!

  13. Andrew

    Do you think this would work well with bottom fish like ling cod or cabezon?

  14. Susan Karon

    This recipe was outstanding and just unusual enough. The best preparation for sturgeon I’ve found yet. Nicely done!

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