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29 responses to “Nettle Pasta”

  1. Christine

    I love nettles- first had them with papardelle and king oyster mushrooms in a hearty, meaty tasting (but meat-free) dish one Spring. Do you think that tender mustard greens would also work as a substitute?

  2. averagebetty

    I got a pasta maker for my birthday and I’m collecting fresh pasta recipes — this looks like a keeper! And now I know what a nettle is. I’ll probably have to forage for spinach at the market instead 🙂

  3. Russell

    Consider the bird flipped then…. 🙂 Actually we just had a nice patch of Juneuary in Seattle and with any luck they could be in two weeks or so. Otherwise it’s March.

  4. J.R. Young

    With nettles arriving soon to follow is morels….God I love spring. Now if we only had ramps out here.

  5. Joshua

    You need to do something with snipe and nettles!

  6. Marcus

    I too say consider the bird flipped. Seriously though, this looks amazing. Gives me something to look forward to in oh… 2-3 months.

  7. Peter Arnold

    Where I grew up in Marin nettles were everywhere. Here in the foothills I never see them. Must be along the American?

  8. The Mom Chef ~ Taking on Magazines One Recipe at a Time

    I was hoping to see a picture of the nettles since I don’t even know that they look like, but all I get is this amazing looking pasta. I’d say that it’s not fair, but wow, is it ever. It looks gorgeous. I love the color. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t know the type of nettle you’re talking about if it stung me.

  9. Lynette @ Victory Homemaking

    Love the idea of fresh pasta. Is there a pasta machine that you’d recommend?

  10. Ed

    Is this the nettle you used? Interestingly enough I was just reading about nettle pasta from Emilia Romagna.

  11. Ricardo Rodríguez

    Just remember to use gloves to handle the nettles befor cookking them, or you will get urticaria, rash.

  12. Joe Keough

    Man, there are so many things you can do with pasta. I’ll try the nettle recipe, but I’ll have to WAIT A FEW MONTHS (consider yourself flipped-off)! Making your own pasta is easy, messy and fun. Nothing compares.

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  14. melanie

    Fabulous, I too have an old Atlas pasta maker. I can’t wait to find some nettles and make this! thanks for sharing Hank – always an inspiration!

  15. Sarah

    Very nice! I also want try making nettle ravioli w/ cheese before the season runs out. I always thought nettles had to be cooked before being edible, but crushing them well is enough to neutralize the sting

  16. Coralie

    Thanks for posting this- I made an elk bolognese lasagne with sheets of nettle pasta for dinner last night, and it was absolutely splendid.

  17. Tom Price

    Hank. This looks like a stunning recipe mate. Great website. Just found it. Keep ’em coming


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  20. casey

    in nor cal. Will be looking for nettles come saturday. Where to look? Wetlands, river bank, green belt?

  21. Adam

    I already have some nettles prepped from a few days back. Roughly how much should I use?

  22. Amanda

    Well, it’s May in Maine and I finally have a huge bag of fresh nettles! (February came and went and no nettles in sight…imagine that.) I came upon your website and I’m so glad I did, because I was inspired to finally get out the pasta maker, which was gathering dust in my cupboard. It was my first time making pasta and I LOVED it!! So yummy, easy, and fun. I added 2 eggs to your recipe (we have chickens and are always trying to use up eggs) and it came out great. Thanks!! Tonight I am adding fresh fiddle heads to the second batch of pasta to make it a quintessential spring feast.

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  25. Kristy Garry

    Hi Hank!
    Looks like an amazing recipe and I’m going to make it tonight, I think, as I just harvested a huge bag of nettles today. I noticed in your initial description you said they’re traditionally enriched with eggs, how many eggs would I add to the recipe? Does it change it much? Just wondering why they’re omitted 🙂

    Thanks so much!

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