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13 responses to “Lies, Lust and a Golden Treasure”

  1. Steve-Anna

    What a great post – and gorgeous chanties! I don’t blame you one bit for lying through your teeth ; ) Or, for that matter, ripping through a pound of mushrooms in one sitting.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. Well, we can only hope you gave us the real deal with the recipe, at least, since you can’t reveal your stash!

  2. Russell

    Lucky! I’m usually pretty free with advice for Chanterelles, they’re so plentiful around here that even a general “Go check out this road, or trail, or whatever” is enough for someone new at this to find some and there will be plenty left. But my morel and bolete spots on the other hand…

    But if someone gives me a tip and it pans out, I tend to call them up if I find something in one of my spots later on. Share and share alike…

  3. Rebecca

    I’ve totally lied about my chantie spot (I only have one) and this year, someone else found it, because each time I go to look, they’re all gone, and the ones that look the tiniest bit like chanterelles have all been overturned. I’m grumpy about the whole thing. But I’ve totally gone to stand on the trail on my cellphone before :).

  4. Joe Keough

    I call it the “Mushroom Dance”. Locally, morels are king, and folks protect their grounds at all cost. Every May, I run into the same guy that awkwardly attempts to hide his bag. “Hey, Eli! Whatcha upto?” Hey Joe, just enjoying a warm spring day in the woods! (Liar) “You?” Avoiding eye contact, I reply, “Yup, me too!” And so the dance continues.

  5. CT

    lol you sound like a hobbit!

  6. Alan

    You are a slippery one aren’t you. Truth be told in ones admittance of guilt. No worries, I would have done the same thing. Some of my best friends are foragers and I have been looking with them for years. We still don’t give up our honey holes. Glad to see your getting some time to go out.
    Have fun…Alan

  7. semiswede

    This happens in Sweden too. People will try to hide their foraging baskets, lie about whether they have found anything, and give looks of death to those who have arrived at their sacred spot before they did. It’s ruthless. And I totally get that.

  8. Carter

    In my experience, the mushroom greed varies in severity from bad to VERY bad. I would like to say that once a forager develops a larger inventory of patches to pick from the greed diminishes, but that would only be half true.

    I’ve even been out on hunts with other people where we decide ahead of time that when we return to the car at the end of the day, we will split our takings evenly. And even knowing that, the competition to be the first one to over turn and excavate each mushrump can be fierce! Its not until we’re back at the car and the picking is totally done for the day that civility again rules.

    I wouldn’t be too hard on your friend, though. It is distinctly possible that he just didn’t know. Its been a very odd year weather-wise. Add to that the mysterious nature of all mushrooms and it could very well be that he/she didn’t know.

    As for your haul- nicely done! I was out there last weekend and hit the jackpot too. I love February in the Bay Area!

    P.S. Is your subterfuging forager friend someone I know?

  9. Mirauncut

    LOL! Funny as hell. I don’t blame you. Anytime I tell anyone about anything they ruin it…nice one.

  10. Langdon Cook

    This looks like a killer way to show off chanterelles. Been meaning to make spaetzle so I’ll give this recipe a try.

  11. Sarah Galvin (All Our Fingers in the Pie)

    Oh my, this makes my mouth water. I must learn how to forage for mushrooms.

  12. JRS

    Looks like you stumbled into the “East Bay Mud Puppy” flush! Usually some of the biggest chanterelles to be found in Ca.

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