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12 responses to “Crab Risotto”

  1. Alaiyo Kiasi-Barnes

    I’m in Maryland, so I will make this risotto with blue crabs (the sustainable choice for me–although I adore Dungeness crabs). This is an elegant way to serve crabs and particularly to guests that don’t care for the painstakingly sweet work of picking and scraping for their meat. Beautiful photo!

  2. steve

    Coming from the Midwest, I did not consider myself a huge fan of crab. But, I was once stuck in an Alaskan Forest Service cabin for a week because of torrential rains and gale force winds, and had little else to eat besides emergency dried foods.

    But we did have a couple of crab traps, and managed to catch a couple of Irish Lords for bait. Though it was hard work to make it out to the dock – the winds were really that bad – I have never seen so many Dungeness crab in my life. After boiling and eating our fill, we put a pie tin full of crab meat into a dried pasta y fagioli soup mix, and let me tell you, it was awesome!

    One more story – These cabins have log books. This one told the story of a bear coming and scratching all around the cabin. The line that made me laugh until I cried was, “Scream? … I thought my husband would never stop!”

    Thanks, Hank, I hope to try your risotto recipe soon.

  3. Food Lover Kathy

    This looks so good I think I’ll make it this week. My favorite way to enjoy Dungeness crab, a true San Francisco treat, is simply with a light marinade of lemon, garlic, parsley & olive oil. This marinade preference just might be the result of a childhood filled with many winter crab feeds.

  4. Janie

    OMG I could do with a big bowl of this right now! Bookmarked it for when I next trip over a crab ;o)

  5. The Mom Chef ~ Taking on Magazines One Recipe at a Time

    When it comes to risotto, it’s definitely all about the stock. I love me some good risotto though. Wow, that looks good. I will be keeping an eye on our fish stands since I’m on the East Coast and we have a different monster in our ocean. Thanks for a great recipe.

  6. Marcus

    I made this recipe from your book last summer in Alaska. Fresh stock, fresh crab, there’s nothing like it. That was my first experience with risotto and now we’re hooked!

  7. semiswede

    I ache for Dungeness crab. I lived in Oregon for several years and couldn’t get enough of it. When I moved to the east coast I missed it, but could get it occasionally. In Sweden I am out of luck. In my opinion, nothing compares to it so I’ll have to wait to try this recipe until I’m back in the states sometime since the cost of lobster here is astronomical, at least 4x more for an American fished lobster and 6-8x more for a European one. Go figure.

  8. Faye

    I love your recipes Hank, but I have a shell to pick with this one. Agreed w/ quality stock and fresh crab. But for me, marsala is too cloying for crab. I would stick w/ a crisp white and one that you would be more than happy to drink. I also think a couple of smashed fennel seeds and a tiny bit of heat from a pepperoncino would be good along w/ only a few tablespoons of parsley. A cup makes it all about the parsley. Also, once the risotto is done, it should hardly be stirred at all. It would be better to heat the crab really gently over a low flame (w/a bit of butter or best quality olive oil) on it’s own before being added to the risotto to prevent over stirring. signed, nuts about risotto, Faye

  9. Christine

    Just made your risotto with Dungeness crab we caught in Haines, Alaska and salmon stock from Taku River salmon. Was afraid it might be too understated, because the recipe was so simple. But of course, as with all Hank recipes, it was AWESOME. Thanks! Christine (Whitehorse, Yukon)

  10. Bruce

    Made this risotto the other day and loved it! Tonight, with the left overs, I made risotto cakes and did a version of eggs Benedict with them instead of English muffins. Threw a slice or prosciutto, tomato and acacodo on there and it was amazing.

  11. Melissa

    I just have to thank you for this recipe. I made it this weekend, with the crab stock, and it is seriously the best thing I’ve ever eaten. I got 10 lbs of king crab from Alaska this year, and I was looking for something new to do with it. I used the meat from 1 dungeness crab with 2 gigantic king crab legs and it was just perfect. I mean seriously the best thing I’ve ever made, and all I had to do was follow this fantastic recipe. Thank you!

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