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53 responses to “Eating Santa’s Shroom”

  1. Alf

    I picked mine on the Northern Californian Coast.

    “One (…) went so far as to drink his own urine after consuming the mushroom in the manner of the Siberians who believed the urine contained a more purified form of the hallucinogenic compounds”

    I also did this; after consuming 2 dry mushrooms. I recycled my urine a couple times for ~ the strongest experience of my psychedelic career. Definitely stronger than 3.5g cubensis. Astral projection.

    I would generally recommend smaller tonic amounts.

    I nibbled on the raw mushroom in the forest because I saw animals had been doing the same. I got great energy and was bounding through the forest in an excellent mood from a single nibble!

    Sautéed in butter tastes lovely. Amanita; the secret ingredient of French chefs. I read Muscimol is a better flavor enhancer than MSG… so don’t throw out all the actives if you want a delicious and uplifting dish!

  2. Lena

    Loved this article and love how you’re living. I found fly agaric in my yard a few weeks ago, I googled it because we got a puppy and I was wondering if it was safe. I’ve seen them all over in Anchorage and thought it was a shame they shouldn’t be eaten. I’ll definitely try your recipe!

  3. KNOX me JAMES

    I’m here on the Kenai Peninsula south of Anchorage, Alaska and every Fall during the rainy season I see these guys popping up under our white birch stands. I’ll have to invite the neighbors over and see if your boiling methods really work.
    Just kiddin but next time I come across a fiery rush of them- I’ll definitely give them a try.

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