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18 responses to “Braised Duck Legs with Leeks”

  1. Sarah Galvin (All Our Fingers in the Pie)

    I just used my confit of duck leg yesterday for cassoulet. The breasts seem quite tough and I would like to find some interesting recipes for them – so they will be more tender.

  2. Emily

    this looks wonderful. I don’t yet understand the cooking of duck. is there any reason one could not cook the entire duck with this way? also, fyi, you can get homegrown leeks a bit quicker by taking harvested leeks and cutting the bulb about 3/4″ to 1″ above the root and planting that. of course you’ll still have to blanch them by mounding up!

  3. River Mud


    You and Holly would have been proud. I shot a mallard the other week. I was really short on time, and these days we just don’t have a lot of time to cook. So….I was going to breast it out. As I got into it, I was surprised at (compared to many, many other ducks I’ve killed) how fat the legs were. Must have been a resident bird or something.

    With your wind beneath my wings (does that sound gay?), I thought, “Huh, maybe I can vac seal the legs too?” Then I thought, “I don’t even know how to cook a damn duck leg.” Then I thought, “I’m sure there’s something on HAGC I can use. And while it’s true that I used limb pruners to cut off the feet, I did get the legs off at the hip and vac sealed safely away for a recipe just like this one.

    Thanks for the source of confidence!

  4. sippitysup

    I can’t believe I have never come upon this site until today! I feel like there was a back door to the hottest club in town and I have been standing out front waiting for the door to open. Thanks GREG

  5. amelia from z tasty life

    exquisite. I can also see it accompanied by caramelized shallots (or cipolline) and/or fennel.

  6. marshall

    Hey Hank,

    Is it possible to overdo this? I mean, can I over cook the braise? I have a leg bag and need to get that cooked up (along with my “tail” bag for fat).

  7. Jeff @

    Hi Hank would it be ok to use onion instead of leeks?

  8. Larry

    I just made this for christmas eve dinner. I made a couple changes. I used 4 kinds of mushrooms, morels, chanterelles, trumpet, and the porcini. I had 4 goose legs, and made my own goose stock. It was a two day process, but it was unbelievable. Thanks

  9. Daniel Robinson

    Love this recipe. I broke down a whole duck for the first time, and braised the legs for a pasta recipe I came up with cherries that are just coming into season. I like the sweetness they added. I braised with cocoa, for bitterness. When I want to do something more savory, I’ll definitely try this recipe.

  10. Paul

    Hi Hank –

    Love your site. Question: why roast a duck whole vs coodkign brast and legs separately and differently?

    I’ve been hunting and cooking ducks and geese for many years. I used to dislike them and actually stopped hunting them because the ol family recipe of whole-roasting duck was impossibly tricky to get right. You say it yourself…. legs are great but need to be cooked low and slow. Exactly! And of course breasts need to be rare. So why would you ever cook a duck whole? If the breast is cooked perfectly, the legs are too tough. Conversely, if the legs are cooked perfectly the breast will be overdone.

    PS – going for the gizzard recipy for the 1st time 🙂

  11. rob from scunny

    duck legs with wild mushrooms and leak……lovely, What do you suggest i do with the mushroom liquid.

  12. Paulo Moreno

    Thanks for the great recipe!
    The leek/mushrooms combination is simply fantastic. Couldn’t nail the oven time to get the meat right though(and I used geese legs too). But it still tasted delicious.

  13. Krystal

    Made this recipe last sans mushrooms and it was beyond good. Really.

  14. Troutordare

    Made the braised duck with leeks for dinner tonight. Also threw in a skinless duck breast. My wife said it was the best duck she ever had. Easy and very good. Thanks.

  15. Darren

    i have NEVER cooked a duck before, this being my first season of duck hunting, and gave this recipe first dibs. wow. it came out friggin perfect. im floored right now. the dogs were freaking out in the kitchen as i slurped down 10 legs from 2 sprig, 2 teal, and a widgeon. i didnt even sit down, just grinded them over the sink. actually, i followed your pan-sear recipe for the breast meat first. dude. it was so good, i couldnt believe it. ive been trying duck in local restaurants lately to get some inspiration (its popular for sure now) a couple of weeks ago we ate at Francis in SF (in Noe Valley) where i had the Sonoma Duck Breast (at $30+) and this was way better. Try the Duck Carnitas at Padrecito in Upper haight – good, but they drown it in this creme sauce – why?? but back to the legs, im with you hank, i think they were better than the breasts and the versatility is crazy. thanks again hank for the website and book. super stoked right now bc next is to share with all my friends and make a mega duck night. gunna be epic!!

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