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14 responses to “Sliced Venison Tongue Salad”

  1. jamie carlson

    This looks pretty good. What do you know about pickled deer tongue. I tried it last year and wasn’t over impressed.

  2. Kim Graves

    Hank, do DIY sous vied work? I.e., putting the meat & flavoring into a plastic bag and immersing it in pot of water turned on low-low? Is it safe? Thanks.

  3. Karen

    I made paté with antelope liver recently and have the heart in the freezer, so will be back looking for recipes for it. I’ll try the tongue… should I remove the tongue in the field, bag it then put it on ice? That’s what I did with the liver.

  4. Karen

    Better yet… just how *do* you remove the tongue?? Ha! Appreciate the help!

  5. Kris

    Best method for getting it out? Cut up the throat? remove the lower jaw?

  6. Annie

    Love beef tongue but have never had the opportunity to try deer. Sounds wonderful.

  7. David

    Looks great. Makes me think about tongue pastrami.

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  9. Josh Scheitel

    Just a note on the DIY sous vide: I use a thermostat control that I bought from the homebrew store where I work. I just plug it up to a crockpot and it works great. It does hot and cold so you can use it to maintain cellar temp in a chest freezer for cheese, meat, beer etc. and take it off long enough to cook with. I am not here to pitch the homebrew site but I can point you in the direction if interested.

    I will have to try this tongue recipe since heart recipes turned out so well.

  10. Przepisy kulinarne

    Argh, I will never understand how people can eat tongues 🙂

  11. Nate @ House of Annie

    I don’t have access to deer tongue, but would like to try it with pork tongue. Thanks!

  12. Will

    Hank- I took a doe and and button buck last weekend after many trips to the woods. After reading your post, I made a point of keeping the tongues. I generally keep the heart and liver, but am now looking forward to trying something new. Thanks.

  13. nick Warman

    I had deer heart before but I wonder if I could taste deer tongue and deer liver

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