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8 responses to “Return of the Cod”

  1. Tamar@StarvingofftheLand

    Hank, we’ve been following the plight of the groundfish, too, and were very glad to have the chance to subscribe to a a CSF — Community Supported FIshery — of the Cape Cod Hook Fisherman’s Association. For five weeks last year, we got some of whatever it was they were catching, and it was terrific. Cod, pollock, and hake were the big three, fresh off the boat.

    We’ve considered doing one of the charters to go for cod — your story is certainly encouraging. Thanks.

  2. Mark Preston

    I recall reading a book about the cod a decade or more ago. I’ve forgotten the title, but it was a history of the codfish. It ended with the lament. But, now, we can all sing again, a happier ditty. The cod is returning. This makes me smile. And, before too long, I can make my salt fish, pecan wood smoked chorizo sausage and garbanzo bean soup again. Hip! Hip! Hooray!

  3. Lynne Sampson Curry

    I love cod and this post. (“A hooked codfish is like a bored lover…”so good!) As for your dish, do you think it really needed the swordfish (a fishery story of its own)?

  4. mike

    Mark Kurlansky’s book “Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World” is a really interesting read.

    Glad to here the cod are making a come back. Down here, the restrictions on stripe bass fishing that began in the ’80’s sure did help. It’s good to know that science-based fisheries management can actually work.

  5. IF

    A survey finds that Gulf of Maine cod are in far lower numbers than experts thought

  6. Dan G.

    I’m from Maine and do the type of fishing you described on a regular basis. Cod are definitely in bad shape, but at least pollock are doing well. Recipe sounds good as do many of the others on the site.

    One comment – you mention cusk as a borderline trash fish, and that’s a big but common mistake! Lean white fish like cod, but much meatier and holds together well, more like halibut or grouper. One of my favorite fish to eat, and I often take them from other guys I fish with who don’t know what they’re missing. The bad reputation is probably due to their ugly tadpole appearance, sliminess, and tough skin which makes filleting much more difficult than most fish. It’s definitely worth the extra effort. Great cooked just about any way – fried, grilled, baked, etc. also a great chowder fish because it won’t fall apart as easily as most.

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