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14 responses to “Grilled Doves with Southwest BBQ Sauce”

  1. Meredith

    So that’s where all of our doves on the ranch went this year. Welcome to a Texas dove hunt! Can’t wait to try your Prickly Pear BBQ sauce when we have a good hunt this fall.

  2. chascates

    This looks much better than the traditional ‘stuff with jalapeno and wrap in bacon’ method!

  3. Duke

    Well, I already ate my twenty dove but I’ll have to keep this recipe for next year….or maybe I’ll get lucky and harvest a few more during the second opener. Thanks.

  4. Holly Heyser

    Those doves look very pretty Hank, but I’m proud to tell you that there are even fewer holes in the ones I’ve saved for you at home. The only problem is that I have just 11 – wah.

  5. mark reinoso

    you are killing me hank! I just finished the dove florentine and the dove with sunflowers and green sauce. Really really great. I never thought I would love whole grilled dove

    Now you are giving me more sauces to try. I can’t keep up!

  6. River Mud

    Outstanding! Got out for my first hunt of the year last week. You shot better than I did!

  7. Henri Nicolas

    Great write up and great recipe! I’m trying it out this weekend. I’ve been hunting on Mikey’s family farm for the last four or five years and the birds are almost always great and the hospitality is second to none! Labor day weekend in South Texas is white wings, friends, BBQ, hot and humid weather, and cold beer! Hope to see you out at Mikey’s farm again.

  8. Mike

    WOW, I have hunted dove like that and cooked dove 10 ways to Sunday, but I’m drooling more than when a new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue comes out. That sauce is on the list of must try this season. The season opens back up in South Texas in a week and a half, I cannot wait to try this out.

  9. Michael C

    Wow…..what an amazing hunt.
    My son in law had a successful hunt on the opening day in the foothills above Chico. I sent him your link with dove recvipies. We “just happened” to be down there a couple days later and enjoyed grilled doves with your wild berry sauce. It was outstanding.

  10. Mike

    Opening weekend, I used bacon and the dove giblets and made some gravy that was pretty awesome over homemade biscuits.

  11. Wes

    I have followed this site for awhile and never commented but really enjoy it. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the Texas Dove Hunt picture and noticed a sunflower field, brush-lined resaca and palm tree that eerily reminded me of my Labor Day weekend setting. The green canopy in the background of the picture…. that was set up by my father and I. Must have been hunting less than 100 yards from you at times (sorry if I peppered you!) South Texas is a special place, very cool that you got to experience it. Unlike any other environment in the states really. If you make the hunt next year I would love to know ahead of time and make a point to introduce myself. Would really enjoy telling you how much I enjoy your recipes and commentary in person.

  12. Tim Littlefield

    what an recipe!

    Good experience..

  13. Kyle

    Tried this recipe for a couple of friends after opening day this year out here in the Central Valley, and couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. The syrup was easy to make and turned out stellar, and the doves paired great with the other flavors of the desert. I used cayenne since I couldn’t find the chiltepins, and added agave honey to my syrup for an even sweeter BBQ sauce. Served when the skin was carmelized and crisp, and the meat was medium-med well done. Absolutely incredible! Ditto to what chascats said above, no more breasting out and serving the same way we always do….this preparation is not much harder and the results are superior.

  14. David Mather

    I had the privilege of going to Jessie’s hog school last year. I am brushing up on stories because I am going on my first dove hunt in a month. Can’t wait. Thanks for all the valuable insight.

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