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On the Road Again

Hank Shaw's book tour map

UPDATE: 9/29/2011: Changes, changes.

  • The Corner Table dinner in Minneapolis, MN will be on MONDAY, Oct. 10 instead of Tuesday. Yes, we know it is Columbus Day, but you can still make it, yes? Chef Scott Pampuch and I just talked about menu items, and we’re looking to serve thinngs like pike, walleye, venison, pheasant, wild mushrooms, real Ojibwe wild rice, highbush cranberries, duck and other Minnesota specialties. For reservations, call 612.823.0011.
  • I’ve added a Toronto, Canada event: On Saturday, Oct. 15, I will be signing books and talking about the wild foods of the Great Lakes, and doing a cooking demo with Great Lakes fish – perch, pike, etc – at the Evergreen Brickworks. Here is the full event info.
  • Our Bozeman, MT event is cancelled, but I’ve added one at The Pollard in Red Lodge, MT for Monday, Oct. 24. Red Lodge is between Biillings and Bozeman, so hopefully people who wanted to come to Bozeman can come to Red Lodge instead. Call 406 446 0001 to make a reservation. Details on this dinner are still in the works, so just reserve a spot for Monday and you’ll be fine.

UPDATE: 8/31/11: Well, I just couldn’t leave well enough alone. I’ve added two more events to the fall calendar. First up is a book signing at the Beretta Gallery (yes, THAT Beretta, maker of some of the finest shotguns in the world… ) on 718 Madison Ave. in New York City on Wednesday, Sept. 21. More details to come, but as this will be a free event, anyone who can’t afford to come to our dinner at Public will want to go to this one.

Also, I will be talking about the wild foods of New England in Gloucester, Mass. on the evening of Thursday, Sept. 29. I’ll be at the Gloucester Lyceum and Sawyer Free Library at 7 pm. This will also be a free event.


A long time ago when I ran track, I was a pretty good miler. It was my favorite race, one I knew intimately. Most miles shared a similar rhythm: Go out fast to set a pace, settle in, see who was strong enough to hang close until the final lap, then run like hell to the finish line. As my book tour heads into its final two months, I feel like I’ve hit the third quarter-mile of the race.

The third quarter is the hardest part of running a mile. Your legs burn. Your breathing begins to become labored. You experience a moment of panic — either that the pack is catching you, or that you cannot keep up with the pack. It is the third quarter that makes you, or breaks you. I’ve been on tour since May. I’ve logged more than 17,000 miles in my trusty Toyota Tacoma, but here I sit facing the toughest part of this race: I am about to embark on a 19-city, nine-week road trip, the longest of the whole tour.

And it will make — or break — the success of Hunt Gather Cook.

Thanks to everyone out there who already has bought a copy, the book is doing well. But the jury is, apparently, still out, and people who know these things are telling me that for the book to be considered successful I must have a strong fall. So it’s back in the truck for a few thousand more miles, a few more months — and, hopefully, a few more sales of the book.

I am hopeful. Over the past three months, I’ve been to Seattle and San Francisco, Salt Lake and San Diego. I’ve been to Austin, Portland, Napa and Lake Tahoe. Along the way I’ve met scores of generous, fascinating and genuine men and women, and their knowledge and enthusiasm has given me strength when I am lonely or tired or not feeling the most charitable. I see no reason not to believe that I’ll meet more such people over the coming weeks.

I start where I began, in Texas. Labor Day weekend I expect to be somewhere in south Texas with my friend Jesse Griffiths hunting white-winged doves. If we are successful, there will be an epic dove BBQ afterwards. I’ll keep you posted…

As I’ve been doing all along, the fall tour will focus on book dinners — meals where the chef and I work together to create a seasonal, local and wild menu — a menu that attempts to distill the essence of that region at that time. I’ve written about what I am hoping to achieve with the dinners here.


Hunt, Gather, Cook book coverThe first public event of the fall tour will be a book dinner on Sept. 6 in Oklahoma City, at a restaurant called Ludivine. Chef Jonathon Stranger tells me that this event, which will focus on the wild foods of the southern Great Plains, is almost sold out — so if you want to make a reservation, call them soon at 405 778 6800.

I drive to Memphis the next day, where I will be a guest at a wild game barbecue hosted by a friend. It’ll be a private event, though. From Memphis I drive all the way to Cape Hatteras, which, as I understand it, is still kinda-sorta standing after Hurricane Irene. Some friends and I are planning a fishing trip, which could be pretty epic. You’ll hear about it if it is…

If we do well enough, we plan to bring some of our fish to Chef Ashley Christensen at Poole’s Diner in Raleigh, where she has a North Carolina-centric menu planned for me on Tuesday, Sept. 13. They don’t take reservations, but call 919 832 4477 for details.

On to Richmond! I return to my old stomping grounds on Wednesday Sept. 14, where I will be doing a book dinner at The Blue Goat, which is a farm-to-table, nose-to-tail gastropub. I’ve already seen a preliminary menu, and it looks great. I used to work at the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, and I used to live in Richmond, so I am really hoping for a good showing that night. I only regret that I can’t stay longer in The Holy City. If you want to come to the Blue Goat, call 804 288 8875 to make a reservation.

I head up the road to Delaware do some clamming and fishing with a friend, and on Friday, Sept. 16 I will be doing a rare bookstore event, at  Browesabout Books in Rehoboth Beach. I’ll be talking about foraging, fishing and wild food and, hopefully, sign a few books. I am always nervous about bookstore events – I fear no one will show up. Anyone from Delaware out there?

From the Delaware beach I head into Washington DC on Sunday, Sept. 18. I will be at the DuPont Circle Farmer’s Market, doing a wild foods of the Chesapeake talk, and, hopefully, doing a demo on bluefish — I love bluefish, but I know it can be tricky to make them taste good. I will show you how to do it. The event starts at 10:30 a.m.

The next night, Monday, Sept. 19, I will be in Arlington for a book dinner at a French-inspired brasserie called Lyon Hall. This should be a Chesapeake Bay area centered meal, so expect to see some seafood… and some offal. To make a reservation, call 703 741 7636 or click here.

I head to New York City from there, and on Sept. 22 I will be at the acclaimed restaurant Public, where Chef Brad Farmerie will fuse his Asian-inspired cooking style with local, wild ingredients. Brad is an especially good nose-to-tail and  fish cook, so plan on seeing some wobbly bits and unusual local fish on the menu. I expect this dinner to sell out. Email Kimberly Johnson at [email protected] or call 212 343 7011 for reservations.

On to Boston, where on Sept. 28 I will be doing a wild food, nose-to-tail New England feast with Chef Tony Maws of Craigie on Main. Much of my family lives in Massachusetts, so I am looking forward to something of a homecoming here. Craigie on Main is one of the best restaurants in Boston, so this should be a very special night. Click here for to make a reservation (top right corner of the site) or call 617 497 5511.

I dip down to Providence after Boston, where on October 2 Chef Matt Jennings of Farmstead’s La Laiterie Bistro is planning a wild Rhody feast. I first started fishing and foraging on Block Island, just off the coast of Rhode Island, so I am really looking forward to this. I have no idea what Matt will come up with, but it had better have quahogs! Call 401 274 7177 for reservations. I will also be doing a talk and book signing at the Rochambeau Library in Providence earlier that day.

On October 5 I will be in Pittsburgh at the restaurant Eleven. Pennsylvania is one of the most hunting-est, fishing-est places in the country, so I can’t wait to see how Chef Derek Stevens interprets that. Check out this awesome menu! Click here or call 412 201 5656 for reservations.

The next day, on Oct. 6, I will be in Cleveland to do a book dinner at fire food and drink, one of the city’s finest farm-to-table restaurants. Cleveland is only two hours away from Pittsburgh, so the ingredients may well be similar — I am excited to see how the two chefs handle them; it’ll be sorta like an Iron Chef competition… Call 216 921 3473 for reservations, and ask for Cheryl Harrison (ext. 148), or click here.

On October 10 11 I will be back in my old stomping grounds of the Twin Cities, where Chef Scott Pampuch of The Corner Table will try to bring together as many wild Minnesota ingredients as he can. Minnesota is home to some world-class wild foods, from real, hand-harvested Ojibwe wild rice to walleye to game to wild berries. Call 612 823 0011 for details.

I’ll be in Toronto on the weekend of Oct. 15-17. On Saturday, Oct. 15 I will be doing a wild foods and foraging talk — and a cooking demo to be determined — at the Evergreen Brickworks Farmer’s Market. Details of that are still to come. Then, on Monday, Oct. 17,  Ivy Knight has set up one of her 86’d events — these are hip events geared to those in the restaurant trade and their friends. Our working plan is for chefs to come in with a wild game dish. Attendees judge. Really looking forward to this one.

I leave Toronto for Detroit, where I will be at the Detroit Athletic Club speaking at a private event on Tuesday, Oct. 18. A public event in Detroit for Wednesday, Oct. 19  is in the works, and I will keep you posted on it as we get details.

From the Motor City to the City of Big Shoulders, Chicago, where I am excited about doing a dinner on Thursday, Oct. 20 at the Michelin-starred restaurant Vie. Really looking forward to this one, as Chef Paul Virant is one of the most exciting chefs in the business! Click here for reservations.

From there I start heading home. First stop is Billings, Montana, where I will be at Bin 119 on October 27 for a wild game dinner. Call 406 294 9119 for reservations. Just talked to the chef and we’re thinking about featuring bison, pheasant, local fruits and trout, plus whatever else we can find.

Bozeman is next, on Saturday, Oct. 29. Details to come, but we are hoping to put on a wild game nose-to-tail feast.

On Nov. 1 I head south to Boulder, where I will be at The Black Cat Bistro.  Boulder is one of the more serious eating towns in the country, and The Black Cat is a dedicated, farm-to-table restaurant. I am fascinated by Rocky Mountain ingredients, so this should be a stellar dinner! Call 303.444.5500 for reservations.

Finally, on Friday, Nov. 11 I will be back in the Pacific Northwest in Eugene for a series of events there. On Friday I will lead a foraging trip outside the town, and on Saturday, Nov. 12. we’ll have one last book dinner, at Marche. More details to come.


So that’s the tour. It’s me girding myself for the the third quarter, hoping I have enough strength and speed to sprint to the finish. But I cannot succeed in this effort alone. I need your help. If you live near one of these cities and can possibly make one of the events, I would love to meet you in person. If you can’t make it, maybe you know someone who can. And if you decide to buy the book, I would be eternally grateful. Every copy I sell gets me a little closer to the podium.

I’ll see you on the road…

29 responses to “On the Road Again”

  1. Susan in the Boonies

    Sounds exhausting.

    Wishing you the best!

  2. islandexile

    I’ve had a copy of your book since the day it was published (purchased from our heroic independent book store). I will be giving it to my hunting, fishing brother for his birthday. Have a great trip and a well earned success!

  3. Cheryl Hargraves

    Under Los Angeles is says you’ll be there August 3rd. Did I miss seeing you here? I didn’t realize you were coming or I’d have come out to see you. [My head’s been buried in law books, so I assume I just missed something somewhere.]

    If you are planning to come back through L.A. again, I will do my best to be there next time.

    I hope the rest of your tour finishes strong, and that your journey is safe, fruitful and filled with lots of success.

  4. Patricio Wise

    Best of luck Hank!

  5. Maia Brindley Nilsson

    If you were coming to southern Sweden, I’d be there for sure. But since that isn’t likely to be on the book tour agenda, I purchased a book for myself and for my father. Best wishes with your travels. Just take it one day at a time.

  6. Bobby Nations

    Is there any chance of you having a book signing event while you are in Memphis?

  7. Ghislaine Ball

    When you come to Minneapolis are you only going to be at The Corner Table for a special dinner? I’d love to buy a book but I’m doubting that I’d get in for dinner.

  8. chrissy d


  9. Buzzie

    Wow…and drive safely!

  10. la domestique

    Looking forward to meeting you at the Boulder dinner! Yay!

  11. Roman

    Dude! You’re coming to Toronto!
    I will try to make it out to these events!

  12. Sam

    I’m hoping to get a seat at the Boston/Cambridge dinner. One suggestion, if I may, with Goose Season coming up, I’d love to see a Hong Kong style roast goose recipe. I know its a lot of work, but I figure if there’s someone who can pull it off you’re probably it.

  13. Nathan Z

    I’d love to try to get to an event in Minneapolis! The Corner Table seems like an interesting joint!

  14. Bob whitson

    I’ll see you in boulder co
    Good luck and Stay safe

  15. hk1123

    everyone seems to want to attend the signings, cool – but dude, that is a DRIVE. if you are passing through NEPA – i guess bound nyc or conversely pitt – and need and place to park overnight.. you are welcome at my place, humble as it is. freezer is almost empty for this year – still have phez, chukkar, dove….i think that is it left over – so there would be food. .if you had a valid pa lisc – that would be bonus – plenty to be had, even now, from the “yard”……just sayin’.

  16. Bodega

    Hank, have a safe and wonderful trip. I’ll be ordering your book this week, and hope to run into you someplace in the woods this fall.

  17. tiff

    1. I may have let out a squeal about five minutes ago when coming across your name on La Laiterie’s website. As an emphatically penniless college student I can’t afford to attend, but the restaurant is a couple blocks away from my apartment, so I shall get a contact-high from at least being quite close by. So, even if we aren’t actually there at an event, please do know that you have fans and supporters everywhere you go on this tour.

    2. If it was completely up to you, what method do you prefer we use when purchasing your book? Is it most beneficial for you if we buy on Amazon, from a big retail bookstore, or from one of your tour events, etc?

    3. Thank you. Not so much for doing what you do, but for taking the time to share that with the rest of us. Your learning experiences, techniques, and most of all your philosophies are things we need to hear more often than we do, especially in our modern “don’t think about the fact that what you’re eating was grown by an underpaid undocumented worker, or at one point had a face” kind of culture.

  18. Yasmin

    Wishing you luck, Hank! I have my copy of the book AND will be at Poole’s when you’re in Raleigh. Looking forward to seeing you!

  19. Eileen

    You are a wonderful writer. I hesitated to post, because as a journalist/author/blogger, surely you already know! Yet maybe it’s still nice to hear that others appreciate what you offer? I’m neither a hunter nor forager, yet I love your blog, because of the journey you share. Thank you.

  20. Eugene

    Looking forward to meeting you in OKC on Tuesday. If you are in town Sunday or Monday, I would gladly take you hunting with me.

  21. Ryan

    Love the Book and love the Blog. Just wondering if you have any plans on coming to Boise, ID?

  22. Jean

    I hope your road trip is going better than you think at this post. I also have a Tacoma and like it very much, but I think the seats are designed to be comfortable for a forty minute commute.

    I will have enough pennies saved up to buy your book next week.

  23. Marlana

    What time will you be at the Rochambeau Library in Providence? There’s nothing on their calendar yet… and I called the same day I received the email from Farmstead & La Laiterie. But a $150 dinner for 2 is a bit steep… oh well. I’ll at least purchase a book or 2, and ask you to sign them.

  24. Richard Mellott

    Hank, it’s great to see your book tour is gathering steam for a strong fall. I hunted with you and Peebs at Delevan, and look forward to getting in some wader time with you and Holly at some point this coming season, after things have settled down. I’m sure that I’ll just wait until then to buy the book, and have it signed in a blind somewhere out in the mud. I’ve also been seeing an influence, in terms of looking for recipes for game, and doing a better job while hunting. This will be my second year back hunting, after a long hiatus, but it has been a great pleasure to have you and Holly as inspirational writers/hunters. Take care on the road.

  25. Sarah B

    So excited that you’ll be Toronto. I’m in the GTA and will be getting out to either the demo or the dinner (well, unless it’s reserved strictly for restaurant types). Will you be selling the book at either/both of these events?
    I’m a former vegetarian and going into my second year of hunting (though my dad has hunted since I can remember) and cook as much fun stuff as I can on a grad-student budget. I’ve been reading the blog (and Holly’s too!) for awhile now and am very happy you’ll be making a Canadian stop that’s close to me!

  26. Brent

    Hank – not sure which way you are heading back west from Toronto – but if you need a place to stay – our house is open to you just outside of winnipeg – fresh lake Winnipeg walleye and pidpenki – our local fall mushrooms may be on the table if we get rain soon. Please don’t hesitate to takes up on our offer.

  27. Krystal

    Just stumbled on this old post when searching the site for bluefish recipes. Shame I didn’t know about your talk last year! We catch bluefish all the time in the Chesapeake right now, and I’d love to have some good recipes and tips from you!

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