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12 responses to “Pheasant Piccata”

  1. Rhonda

    Timely recipe as bird hunting season is only a week and a half away for me. I putting this recipe on my queue.

  2. Kenneth Northcutt

    The Chicken Piccata looks mouthwatering. I can’t wait to try out this dish on my own. I am not a kitchen type of a man but my wife would surely love a nice and lovely homemade Piccata for a romantic dinner. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. SportingDays

    Bless you for all your wonderful and rather delicious pheasant recipes. Can be a rather challenging bird to cook at times. You do this beautiful and noble bird justice on the table.

  4. Michael

    Hank you are always interesting. Wondering how well this Piccata might pair with a really good Ginger Ale and just the right amount of ice.

  5. James Hall

    It was The Sleepy Hollow Inn on Raritan Road in Scotch Plains. Here’s a link to post card pictures of it:
    I grew up in nearby Green Brook Township and frequented the Inn with family as a boy. NJ had many terrific restaurants serving old school food. Thanks for jarring my memory on that one.

  6. Rhubarb and Venison

    “A pheasant is just a wild chicken, after all.” Yes! Thanks for saying that, as I now feel a little better about the fact I sub pheasant for chicken in any recipe with great results. 🙂

  7. Ann

    Hi Hank,
    I really enjoyed the walk down memory lane with you, especially the Prime Rib. The 70’s really had their share of great prime rib places on the west coast too. Off course, sorry. Love the pheasant recipe, as well. Will try it for sure. In fact, all the recipes that I read sound scrumptious and the pics are great. Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Get Out Of Debt Girl

    I love Chicken Piccata and the recipe looks amazing. One drawback, I hate capers! I first had this dish in upstate NY and I don’t remember them having capers in it. Do you have to have capers? Is there a paste I can use instead? I’m not a pea person either so you can see where this is coming from. I would really appreciate your opinion for I’d love to have this dish again.

  9. Chris

    I love piccata, its a standard for me and so simple. I’d imagine wild boar would be wonderful with this recipe, as I frequently use the thin cut pork lions you find at markets in place of chicken. Given the superior taste of wild pig, it will probably be even more tasty than standard recipes. Another alternative I’ve used is fresh albacore loin; its meaty texture does well, and its not unlike chicken or upland game birds. I done this with bluefin too, but….its rare I get a chance to bring home really fresh bluefin from the SoCal grounds, so I feel they deserve something a little more complicated.

  10. Kristin

    Hank, I first came across your website a few years ago while looking for olive curing info. Love your site and got a kick out of talking about you with my co-worker John O’Dell at AGFD. Just tried your pheasant piccata recipe this weekend. Fantastic! I also loved the Doves a la Mancha. So glad you’ve helped me like dove! Making your pheasant and dumplings tonight!
    Thanks for all the great info.

  11. Dan

    This is a great recipe…i used a similar one on chukar last week….awesome. Funny about the restaurant and the 70’s reference…i grew up in bucks County, pa. Similar establishments there were the chalfont inn and the blue bell which was out in valley forge.

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