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8 responses to “Sichuan Rabbit with Peanuts”

  1. Ken albala

    Wow, This sounds fabulous. I don’t know why we never think of rabbit in Chinese food, let alone Sichuan. The Sichuan pepper in it, especially enticing. Have you seen Poivre Timut? I don’t know what it’s called in English, but comes from Nepal, and is definitely related to Sichuan pepper corns, but I think a little sweeter and more fragrant.

  2. Gloria

    I made this and loved it, but it came out a tad salty. It was probably my black bean paste. Was curious how authentic a preparation like this is? I thought the same method would make a very respectable (and incredibly fast) meal with a rotisserie chicken too.

  3. Cheryl

    This sounds absolutely fabulous! Can’t wait to try this. Just discovered your website. love it. Thanks

  4. Cam

    Thanks for the inspiration; I am going to use a brown hare instead 🙂

  5. Cam

    I used Hare it was easily one of the best dishes I have ever made and i have been cooking for over twenty years. 🙂

    Thanks again.


  6. Marykay

    I tried making this with squirrel and it was fantastic. Thank you for a great recipe.

  7. john kendon

    hi, i am an aussie but my wife is from chengdu in sichuan, and one thing i have noticed is that chinese usually do not pull meat off the bone; they cook on the bone chopped up and like it this way. wife (tai tai) makes this almost same way and is yummy..

  8. RMJI

    Grateful for John Kendon’s comment. I just bought a rabbit to cook for the first time, and my Asian hubby loves to eat food with small bones still in it. I will try this recipe chopped on the bone ^^

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