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10 responses to “Abalone, Sea Beans and a Homecoming”

  1. Tamar@StarvingofftheLand

    I spent a decade, almost two decades ago, living on the west coast, but I never miss it as much as when I read your foraging posts. Back in those days, I didn’t know from sea creatures, and I squandered the opportunity to familiarize myself with the edibles of the west. I’m grateful, though, that some of them have cousins or brothers or clones out here in the east, and I am now on a quest to get me some sea beans.

  2. Joshua

    Wow, that looks good. You turned me on to sea beans, for sure. Now, if I can only get to the beach!

  3. Nick

    Never knew that Ice Plant was edible! Who would have thunk it?!

    Your recipes never cease to amaze. Looking forward to my next Bodega Bay trip!

  4. Tino B

    Excellent Hank,
    cant wait to try this recipe out since I have access to all the ingredients.
    I have always heard that sea beans were worth harvesting but have never tried them. Now Im really looking forward to it…

  5. Melissa G

    Heard you last week on the Splendid Table, bought the book, found this site through an Amazon review. Very pleased to learn about sea beans! Can wait to do a little foraging on the Mendocino coast next month! The season is a little past I think for the Chesapeake Bay.

  6. Sarah

    Finally a new recipe for abalone! We’re heading to the coast this weekend, so I’ll be attempting my hand at my first ever foraging experience with your book in hand so I can identify what i’m harvesting! Thanks!

  7. Kevin

    Can’t wait to watch the episode!

  8. An Interview with Hank Shaw

    […] onions and black walnuts — all of which live within yards of each other. Last week I made an abalone dish with New Zealand spinach and sea beans; again, ingredients that all live within sight of one another. Nature defines what I do in the […]

  9. Matt Falconer

    I love your stuff and don’t mean to nit pick but where did the 1-2 pounds of abalone go in those microscopic servings? 1 abalone is a lot of meat.

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