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30 responses to “On The Road, Through the Looking Glass”

  1. Phillip

    Revel in it brother. Ride the wave while there’s a swell. You can always step off later if you want to, but now’s the time to stoke the fire.

    Besides, it gives some of us a vicarious thrill to know someone who actually pulled off this blog-to-book thing!

    And pulled it off well!

  2. Kathleen

    I just wanted you to know that what you’re feeling is ever so common. I’ve talked to many first-time authors about the surreal nature of touring. A lot of them remark it sometimes feels like an out-of-body experience.

    When my first book came out, I went on a long tour that led me to 28 cities (a few visited twice) in about a 90-day span. I talked to vapid local TV hosts who couldn’t get the name of the book right. At bookstores, the mileage varied greatly. Two days after to a packed room at the James Beard House in New York, I had an audience of three at a San Francisco bookstore — and that included two of the store’s employees. In Milwaukee, I signed a book to a woman’s cat.

    There’s one long-lasting and truly miraculous thing about going those miles. You meet people face-to-face. You get to share it. You hear how something you labored on in private affected people in ways you never thought of, perhaps in places you never dreamed you’d visit. You make friends with readers. You learn the limits of both your patience and generosity. The more you talk about it, the more you reflect on what you wrote, and why. So, of course all that will change you.

    You’ll never have another first book tour. Let it take you wherever you’re going to go and just be myself. Oh, and you should put all your events in – that info populates a ton of sites, including the online calendars for publications. It doesn’t matter they’re not at bookstores.

    See you in Seattle in July.

  3. Joshua

    Have a blast, man!

    We got our book yesterday, and it looks really nice, by the way.

  4. caitlinvb

    Ahh – it just confirms that you are truly at home while foraging, and this is just another foray albeit into a new landscape as yet unexplored. By you – the explorer! While I can only live your book tour vicariously through you (and I think after my own wanderings this past couple of years that is quite OK with me!), you are blowing the minds of many by what you do everyday and what you do without thinking. You take them out of their comfort zone through your writing – and this is just the other side of the mirror. Kind of like Richard Haliburton – but in our own backyard, and with food (yay!).

    Happy travels – have fun, and I so look forward to your next post describing your new adventures!

  5. Jim

    Hank – hang in and congratulations to mastering that polical smile that you involked so many times here in Sacto and other locals. The trip sounds like a movie or at least another book. Just got my copies and they look great and well written as always. Take care and see you back here soon.

  6. themadblonde

    Only recently found this blog thanks to the mention on The Splendid Table radio show. It’s all terribly interesting & I’ve already recommended it to several friends. Looking forward to picking up a copy of your new book & (I hope) hearing you speak in the Twin Cities in October. Meanwhile, safe-yet-interesting travels to you, good sales, & wishes that you meet wonderful people along the way, learn much, & have a grand, if weird time. -Karen

  7. Amelia from Z Tasty Life

    Hank: it was great to meet you at BlogHerFood. It’ wonderful (and kudos) that you found a very special culinary niche and are evangelizing others on the greatness of real nature-fetched food. I can’t wait to get a copy.

  8. snimtz

    All I can say, Hank, is freakin enjoy it. Don’t stretch too hard. Don’t think you have to build on this, make the most of THIS time and state of mind. Learn from it. Don’t capitalize on it.

  9. marie

    Hey – congratulations! I just recently found your blog and really like what you’re doing. When you’re done with the huge tour, come take a break in rural Mexico. We raise rabbits and chickens and have a fun time with our food forest. August is mushroom month.
    – marie (bosque village)

  10. Judi Klinefelter

    Congratulations, Neighbor!! Sounds really exciting and interesting,can’t wait to get a copy of your book!!! We’ll try to keep an eye on things while you’re away. Drive safely and enjoy!

    Tim & Judi Klinefelter

  11. Mrs. Q

    Thank you for sharing! I feel privileged to have met you again in Atlanta. Book arrived this week — looks great! Kudos!

  12. Suburban Bushwacker

    It ain’t braggin’ if you really done it

    This is richly deserved – and i’d like to point out, long predicted by me


  13. Cindy

    Congrats first of all on posting from the road. I imagine you are dead tired, but it’s great know what’s up. Congrats on the book thing too. Can’t wait to get my hands on it and make some rose petal ice cream. I’m one of the crazies who manhandled your book while you only had 4 copies @ blogherfood.

  14. Elaine

    Thanks for sharing this part of your journey. If you travel anywhere near Spokane, we have a beautiful little cabin tucked up in the woods that we would offer you {our gift} for a night {or more} – It might be a refreshing change.

  15. Marshall

    Dude, sounds like you need to make it home by the middle of October, not November. By that time, you’ll be aching for the Cazadora, a duck blind and a mallard call. Good luck.

  16. Laura

    Hank, having worked alongside you, I can attest that your smile comes easily and often, and that your whole face takes part. Travel is surreal in the best of times, and you sound very tired as well. You know my advice: stay hydrated! Love from Sacatomato – L

  17. Lucy Lean

    Oh boy – through the looking glass and not home till November – good luck mate! Look forward to making LA seem really grounded and not LA LA Land at all.

  18. Ken albala

    Boy this sounds like fun, travails and all. Great fun! Congratulations!

  19. Chris S.

    “We’re pulling for ya… we’re all in this together.”

    Stop on by Milwaukee, eh? (or at least Madison, if you please)

  20. Julia

    Congrats! I guess…No truly, congrats. But I always thought touring, for whatever it was that I was dreaming up, usually something band-related, sounded like the worst part of the deal. But like you said, you start to like it. And when it’s all over and done with you might even wish you could do it again, as painful as it might have been. It’s just like having a kid.

  21. Duke

    Hank the book is great. If you find yourself straying, throw the old camo apron on and I’m sure you’ll feel at home. Good luck on the rest of the tour.

  22. Cathy

    The book is gorgeous. I’m risking deadlines to read it, but I can’t put it down. Best wishes on your forage into the world of Book Tours. What a fabulous opportunity it was to cook with you in Atlanta. Thank you!

  23. trinichad

    get my copy when I was in the vineyard last week – picked nettles so I could try it as soon as I got back – which is tonight (processed them immediately of course) anyway have enjoyed reading so far and the nettle risotto is only a couple hours away!! Thanks and best of luck with the travels.


  24. trinichad

    oops should be got – perhaps received

  25. Diana@spain-in-iowa

    Congratulations! Soak it in, you deserve it!

  26. Jared

    Looking at somewhere in Michigan? This is 100 percent biased but I’d hope to see you in Traverse City. We’ve got quite the food region here. Not to mention location on Lake Michigan. Other spots that might do well, Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Marquette. Marquette is small but they population supports your lifestyle more-so than most small towns. If you close you can count me in on showing up!

  27. Bridget

    How about Asheville, NC?
    Our local independant bookstore is Malaprops and I’m sure at least 40 foragers would show.

  28. phil

    Rock on hank, you know your stuff, you’ve earned it. See you at Duck Duel III, if you’re not too busy doing demos on the Today show…

  29. Lucindaville


    Congrats on making the New York Times list of Summer Reading Cookbooks. Right up there with Gwyneth Paltrow!.

  30. Lucindaville

    …and Congratulations on the IACP win!

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