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62 responses to “Driving into the Unknown”

  1. Warner aka ntsc

    Don’t know if I will run into you at a signing, but the book has been on order since it showed up at Amazon.

  2. Christopher

    Love your blog and can’t wait for your event in Minneapolis in October!

  3. Tovar@AMindfulCarnivore

    Happy trails, Hank. I hope we meet up along the way. However the race ends, have a blast getting there.

  4. Sam Sotiropoulos

    Vaya con Dios! When you get to Toronto, Canada, be sure to let me know so I can trumpet your arrival.

  5. Heather in SF

    Wishing you well on your tour, Hank, hope to cheer you on. Anyone who has met you has been changed by the experience and catches the enthusiasm of your teachings. And you’re a hell of a lot of fun! I know your book will be a great success and I’m looking forward to receiving my copy soon. Have a great time -run a good race!

  6. Jennifer Burns Levin

    Hank, we’d love to find a way to have you in Eugene. I know about the PDX gig in June, and want to make it and meet you up there (still need to find details). But any chance you’d be coming back this way come fall? I teach food studies at the Honors College at U of Oregon, and there’s quite a bit of interest in local food initiatives. Our students actually formed a mentor group centered on foraging, to add to another on local food. It would be a pleasure to host a reading, but we don’t start school until late Sept.

  7. Paula

    Good luck with your tour, and wildly wonderful success with your book.

  8. Nicole

    Will you have copies of your book at Blogher Food? I pre-ordered on Amazon, but I would love to pick up a copy and get it signed if possible. Good luck on the tour. Looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta.

  9. Krista

    I pre-ordered (for the first time ever) copies of your book months ago on the strength of your amazing online work. I have no doubt that this book will be a big success. I myself am neither hunter, gardener, nor angler (although I aspire to the first two of these some day), merely cook. I think the members of my family who do all four will love the book even more than I will.

  10. JS

    Cheers, happy trails, and good luck!

  11. Tragash

    Good luck on the tour Hank. Keep us posted on the adventures as they unfold. And remember to take the opportunity to explore all these new places you will visit along the way! We are all rooting for you, and I can’t wait to pick up my copy of the book soon. I look forward to putting a face with the name in person at some point along this tour. Thanks for doing what you do!

  12. mark reinoso

    I preordered 4 books from Amazon. That should buy you a burger or two!.
    Good luck on your tour! EVeryone needs to learn to eat like this. Its only in the last 65 years that we as humans have stopped eating this way.

  13. Buzzie

    Hank, have heart and remember that LIFE, most of all, is in the process, not the end result. Mark Twain had many ups and downs and kept on regardless of “success” (as the monetary world saw it) (I recommend his recent 100 year autobiography for your travels) and Joseph Campbell’s mantra was always “follow your bliss”. You are on a journey of epic proportions and so I say as Lawrence of Arabia said “Nothing is written unless you write it yourself!”Journey on my brother, you have many friends and people that wish you well and nothing matters more than that. Enjoy your journey, be safe and laugh – even if no one is there at a book signing…because someone IS always there…xoxox

  14. Joshua

    Hank, you are always a winner here! Yeah, that’s cliche and sickly sweet, but that’s me in a nutshell…

    You have good friends waiting for your return, who know you are knowledgeable and good.

    Have fun and miss Holly, though I don’t have to remind you of the latter.

  15. Joshua

    Also, I’m pretty sure I was there when that picture was taken. How do I know? A clear, sunny day is obviously about to dawn in a duck blind, and those are the only days I duck hunt.

  16. Karen

    I wish for you safe travels and all the best with your book signings!

  17. Matt Ames

    God Speed, my friend! Let me know if there’s anything I can help with.

  18. homegrown countrygirl

    Hank, this was beautifully written… as is everything you write…keep keeping it real… the world is going to love you!

  19. Marcus

    Your blog has been a huge inspiration to me and I have learned so many things from reading it. I can’t wait to read your book!

  20. Oregon Coast Gardener

    Hank, best of luck. All of us who write blogs on the subject we care about dream of the moment you are embarking upon. May the wind be at your back.

    Should you find yourself driving up the Oregon coast, drop me an email. My husband would be happy to take you out in his little boat in the hope of Dungeness.

  21. Peter Arnold

    You’ll do it, Hank, you’ll do it and darn well at that, One more sending you best wishes for a successful tour. There doubtless will be ups and downs depending on where you are. Hope you’ll provide us with a stop by stop journal of how it goes.
    No matter how bad it might get, surely not as bad as the folks up at Tahoe today. They were anticipating some 10,000 spectators fo the start of the Amgen tour. About 200 turned out in the rain and snow…. At least you’ll be under cover. Cheers!

  22. TommyTriTip

    Good luck brothe and safe travels.

  23. Nancy Shaw

    My prayers and love are with you always but especially on this exciting tour – I believe you will have a great trip with lots of fun and adventures. it is a great opportunity that many people dream of doing and you are actually making it happen! You have much to share and so many new friends to meet so try and relax and enjoy! Really looking forward to your book arriving in the mail very soon.
    Blessings, Mum

  24. Todd Baier

    Hank, I will work tirelessly until I am sure that Billings, MT will welcome you

  25. Tina

    Hank, I just missed you in Flagstaff! I was there last night, but had to move on to So. Cal. for the next few days. If things hadn’t been planned months in advance, I would have made sure our visit coincided with your visit. Sadly, the closest your book tour will bring you to my little central PA town is Pittsburgh, smack in the middle of last minute prep for my daughter’s wedding. Well, maybe with your next book…

  26. Chip Westerman

    Hi, Hank

    I second Jennifer Burns’ request for a Eugene appearance! I’m an hour and a half south in Roseburg and would love a chance to meet you. We’re swimming with grouse, mushrooms, salmon and steelhead around here if that helps . . .


  27. Mari

    I wish you could come to Grand Rapids!!! We’d love to have you!

  28. Russell

    Thanks for the inspiration Hank; I’m in the middle of starting a brewery and I know exactly how you feel. Look forward to seeing you in Seattle! Hey, with any luck this Spring’s morels might finally be up by the end of July…

    But probably not. 🙂

  29. Patricio Wise

    Godspeed man! I’m sure everything will turn out as you expect!

  30. bec markussen nelson

    the ability to embrace both the extreme joy and discomfort that comes with walking into the unknown is a gift. whenever i adopt this approach to living, i grow closer to embodying my authentic self. you are on a powerful journey. my wish for you is that you are able to savor every minute regardless of its outcome!

  31. Nate

    Like others, I pre-ordered the book through Amazon. I never pre-order books.

    Love the blog and wish you the best on the tour. Hopefully you’re able to hunt/gather along the way–that’s the most exciting part of travel for me!

  32. E. Nassar

    Best of luck Hank. I hope to meet you in Houston. Right now, I am looking forward to recieving my copy of the book from Amazon.

  33. Jenny

    We were so excited to see Seattle on your book tour list, but were heartbroken to find we’d be in Michigan that weekend for a wedding. Hope to catch up with you again soon – congratulations on the book, can’t wait for it to arrive in our new kitchen!!

  34. Rhubarb and Venison

    Bummed that I won’t see you in ND (they call it a drive-thru state for a reason, I suppose), but good luck, can’t wait to get my own copy!

  35. Chrissie

    Good luck with the book tour Hank! The blog site is phenomenal, I am sure the book will be just a successful!

  36. Lucy

    Good luck to you! This was an inspiring post in and of itself, so if the book is anything close then it will be a huge success.

  37. Dan K

    Hank please, during your travels, keep in mind your next book. A book on the local foods of all the areas you go to would be fantastic. I for one would be curious about what you are eating with all this road travel. Don’t tell me Taco Bell!

  38. Al Cambronne

    Love your blog, and looking forward to reading your book. (Already pre-ordered a copy. You’d think they could send it out a FEW days early.)

    An inspiring post. Have fun, enjoy the journey, and don’t forget to check your oil every week or two….

  39. Sarah Galvin (All Our Fingers in the Pie)

    Good luck. Keep us posted.

  40. Jim Collin

    Yippie i ay – on the road again! Hang in there and enjoy the ride. Nothing ventured; nothing gained. Looking forward to seeing you back here in Sacto for a fun evening and stories of your adventures.

  41. Suburban Bushwacker


    Good luck, drive safe, and eat well


  42. trinichad

    Touring on your own gives such grat time for insight and reflection and discovery – enjoy the journey and see you in MN in October if my wife and I can get in.. Best of Luck

  43. trinichad

    oops – should read great time….

  44. mike

    the book was ordered awhile ago. really REALLY looking forward to it getting to my doorstep. safe travels & in a previous post you hinted at a detroit area visit?

  45. Colleen

    Looking forward to getting your book! My husband is the hunter and I’m the cook. Too bad you aren’t coming to Alberta, Canada.

  46. Stella

    Here is what I think Hank.
    Your timing on this book is spot on. The major meat producers are pumping out low quality, tasteless, disrespected meat. Most of our vegetables are tainted from seed to harvest. And to feed a family organic is pretty pricey. So we do what we can with the homegrown, the local, and the ‘wild things’. You help us take the food to a whole new level.
    This is a growing trend for maturing taste buds and the food educated. The time has come. I have no doubt your tour will be a success and the word will spread. Dont second guess your vision Hank.
    Hope to meet you in Minneapolis, MN.
    Wishing you safe and happy trails.

  47. Mike Laier

    Can’t wait to see you in Phoenix (Scottsdale), I’ve heard good things about the venue, though I’ve not been there myself yet. Be safe, see you soon.

  48. Jeff

    I just noticed that the book shipped this last Friday from Amazon. Very excited to read this. It will be a great followup to Steven Rinella’s Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine. Good luck on your tour.

  49. IF

    Amazon shipped the book today. Looking forward to it.

  50. Joyce @friendsdriftinn

    Are you coming to KY?

  51. Ronda Bumgardner

    Hank, I came across your blog Sunday while researching a topic, and saw that you had a book coming out this week. Congratulations! I’m a journalist, too, and I understand the dreams that keep us hungry and fed. Wishing you wide turns and straight roads and lovely scenery on your book tour.

  52. Carolina Rig

    Pretty work Hank. Looking forward to September…my freezer is begging for some fish.

  53. Joey Meicher

    The book came in the mail yesterday, and it is awesome!! It will definitely be a valuable resource. The information on wild ingredients is a joy to read, and I love how many of the recipes are not so much recipes, but guidelines for cooking what’s available at a particular time in a particular place. Hope to see you at the Corner Table in October!!

  54. Iso Rabins


  55. Carolyn Warfield

    Book arrived yesterday, Hank. She’s beautiful. Have to wait until the weekend to start reading (grad school interfering with real life), but I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

  56. Rocky Mountain Woman


    How so very cool….

  57. Julie Dreyfoos

    Congrats on the release of the book yesterday! Looking forward to seeing you in Seattle late July. Safe travels to you…

  58. Amy Thielen

    Good luck, Hank, and have fun. I will try to catch up with you in Minneapolis.

  59. Ken G

    I’ll spread the word a bit here in the Midwest. Have a safe trip. I’ll put in my order for the book ASAP.

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