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57 responses to “Venison Chili”

  1. Chadd

    I’ve made this chili as is and it was fantastic! The dried chilis are a game changer, I used about 4 chiles each from 4 different types and it gave it so much depth. I will defiantly be making this again. Love the site, when are you coming out with a venison book?

  2. Gary Dunning

    Superlative! My good fortune to discover your recipe after a generous friend shared several pounds of ground elk. A creature so magnificent deserves worthy preparation. This is a fitting tribute.

    Our family and guests praised it highly. I have a chili puree arsenal in the fridge: Ancho, Pasilla, New Mex. Hot, and Chipotle in Adobo Sauce (my habanero alternative), to which I added Japones, and Guajillo. (Store by covering the surface of the pureed chili w/ olive oil in a jar. It will keep well). Toast whole cumin seeds in a cast iron skillet before grinding w/ mortar & pestle or a blade coffee grinder cleaned by grinding some rice first if you’re a fanatic too.

    If someone is in a hurry cooking time could be reduced by bringing the beans to a medium boil in the broth for ~ 30 min. before adding to everything else. They should just be tender. Next time I’ll reduce salt. Despite using 1-1/2T vs 2 I found it slightly salty, possibly from my choice of Chorizo. Anyway salt is invariably on the table.

    Made my favorite cornbread too and served w/ Firestone Double Barrel.

  3. Alex

    Is the habanero supposed to be diced or put in whole?

  4. Aubrey

    I have been searching the web for a great venison chili recipe. I’ve been making chili for years, but haven’t ever bothered keeping track of recipes and perfecting my own…what a shame. :-/ But, yours sounds amazing! We are having a chili cook off at work next week, and I’m hoping to use your recipe, as long as I can find some dried chiles at the local grocery store. I’m guessing nobody else will have this little trick up their sleeves and I know for certain nobody will be using venison meat. 😉

  5. Jason

    This is as close to perfect as I’ve found. It’s versatile enough to play around with the different dried peppers and use a mix and match of meats. I’ll never go back to old dried chili powder!

  6. Adam

    Freaking amazing!!!!!

  7. Mary

    Made this during today’s blizzard in illinois, using the assortment peppers I had from last summer and my maple syrup from last year. I’m sure it would be even better following the recipe to the letter but this was just fabulous. The broth base is really marvelous. You are my go-to for venison recipes. Can’t thank you enough!

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