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18 responses to “First Morels of the Season!”

  1. J.R. Young

    Nice work, sounds like they are in the range which I expected. The spot my wife and I go to (3,500 – 4,000) usually pops now, but appears to be delayed. We my try and hit it next weekend, but are leaving for Italy on Sunday. We may miss morels this year. I don’t have a higher range staked out, but maybe we need to explore a bit when we get back.

    I’ll keep you posted if we decided to day trip it next Saturday if you are free.

  2. Charade

    What a great post! I’m glad you found such a great flush, and that you were kind enough to share. I’m a recent convert to your blog, so forgive me if you’ve covered this already: Can you collect your own fiddleheads for this fabulous-sounding salad, or do you always buy them at the market?

  3. Becky

    Beautiful. Love your site!

  4. Patricio Wise

    Nice!! Must be a great satisfaction to come home, hands full, and cook them nicely right then and there…


  5. Jason Riedy

    Jealous. Our season’s long over, and I only got out once. Everyone’s notes on which trees are preferred seem to get tossed out the window with each new find… My ol’ reliable patches on a mountain in SW VA are not attached to any one kind of tree as far as I can tell.

  6. Russell

    Wow, now that’s a Spring meal!

    Last Sunday the weather was fantastic so we went out on an epic survey of the usual suspects up here in WA. A 300 mile loop across the Cascades to the Leavenworth area, down Blewett Pass to Cle Elum, and back across to Seattle. All the places we’ve found them before had nothing. It’s been a cold Spring, but it was dry, mostly snow free, and my guess is they’ll start popping up by this weekend and really get going next week. Last year I found about 75 morels and 6lbs of Spring Kings at one spot in mid-late May, so it’s still a little early here.

  7. Matt

    Just went morel hunting for the first time here in Central Ohio. Despite weeks of very wet conditions, we managed to find a few in an area rumored to have them.

    Our haul was a tasting portion at best, though. I envy your find!

  8. Tamar@StarvingofftheLand

    Now that is a beautiful thing. I’ve never in my life found a morel, and I’ve been told that Cape Cod isn’t good for them — the few that are here are of the mulch variety. So I’ll admire yours, and wait to see if my hen-of-the-wood tree comes through for me again this year.

  9. David Eger

    Nice! Morels have been as scarce as hen’s teeth this year. Good to hear that you were able to find some. Thanks for sharing the great recipe (and the shoutout)!

  10. debbie vess

    Deja vu! That burn has been making folks happy for several weeks now (we just finished the last of our haul this past week)…but at only 2,200′ and with rising temperatures, it is a time-limited offer…as you know, the mountain morels have been slow to appear this year, but with this hot weather, the fruitings will start crawling up those mountain slopes….

    I am really writing to correct your orange cup fungus ID…not a “Peziza” but a Geopyxis carbonaria, stalked and distinctive with that pale, scalloped edge and burn site habitat. Gotta love those springtime ascos! 😉

    Debbie Viess
    Bay Area Mycological Society

  11. Lynne Sampson Curry

    That certainly rings in spring here at 4,200 feet, though here in eastern Oregon we’re still a few weeks behind.

    I love your note about “looking for patterns,” since that is the only way I ever find them. I think it no coincidence that morels are shaped like gnomes’ hats, because I think they can magically disappear the moment you try looking too hard for them. They’re tricky!

  12. Elaine

    we found our first ones this weekend {eastern WA}…can’t wait to go out and look for more

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  14. Salad in a Jar

    This is making me so hungry for what we called sponge mushrooms. Used to hunt them as a kid with my dad. One year we found a bunch in the area where we burned trash–no trees in sight. Never did figure that one out.

  15. dont trust anyone

    wow north faces high altitudes already. in southern Oregon i am still on the lower south faces. Having fun!

  16. Karlynn

    Oh. I am jealous. So jealous. I haven’t had a good morel hunt in years. Small patches here and there, they are so hit and miss. Granted, I wouldn’t know where to start in Alberta. Manitoba? I can pull over at the side of the road and find them thanks to most of my mushroom learning happening there. Alberta so far has skunked me for anything more than a potful.

  17. Marry

    That Morel salad look amazing! The season is right around the corner! :)

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