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My Book Tour Schedule

Hun, Gather, Cook book tour map

UPDATE: 8/23/11: Just confirmed I will be doing a book dinner at Lyon Hall in Arlington, VA on Monday, Sept. 19. Lyon Hall is owned by the brother of the chef at Blue Goat in Richmond, so it will be fun to see how the brothers interpret wild-seasonal and nose-to-tail. This will be my only Washington, DC-area appearance. Call (703) 741-7636 to make a reservation.

UPDATE: 8/10/11: On to Richmond! Just added Richmond, VA to the tour! On Wednesday, Sept. 14 I will be at the Blue Goat, one of the city’s newest and most exciting nose-to-tail restaurants. I used to live in Richmond, and did a lot of fishing and foraging there, so the menu ought to be pretty special. Call 804.288.8875 to make reservations.

UPDATE: 7/13/11: We officially have a Boulder, CO, book dinner! On Nov. 1 I will be at The Black Cat Bistro.  Boulder is one of the more serious eating towns in the country, and The Back Cat is a dedicated, Farm-to-Table restaurant. I am fascinated by Rocky Mountain ingredients, so this should be a stellar dinner! Call 303.444.5500 for reservations.

UPDATE: 6/23/11: Just confirmed book dinners in Chicago, Washington DC and Oklahoma City! I’ll be in Oklahoma City on Wednesday, Sept. 6 at the fantastic farm-to-table restaurant Ludivine. I am thrilled to be working with one of the finest Italian restaurants in the country on Sept. 20, where I will be at Bibiana in Washington DC. Then  on Thursday, Oct. 20, I will be in Chicago at the Michelin-starred restaurant Vie. Really excited to be working with all three restaurants!

UPDATE: 6/16/11: Billings, Montana has been confirmed! I will be doing a wild game dinner at Bin 119 on October 27. Call 406 294 9119 for reservations. Also, I will be signing books and talking about wild food at the Avid Reader in Davis on Friday, Aug. 26 at 7:30 p.m.

UPDATE 5/26/11: I’ve added some dates that are confirmed, and some cities where I am still working on details. As you can see, I’ll be like Johnny Cash — everywhere, more or less… ~Hank

UPDATE: What you read below is my book tour as it now stands. I’ve been getting a lot of requests to come to one place or another, and, for the most part, I am game to go. Montana? You bet. Louisiana? Absolutely. But I need help organizing events there. So if you can help, I will do my part to make it happen. Thanks! ~Hank

After so long, it’s almost here. My first book, Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast, comes out May 24, and I will be spending close to 100 days on the road this year meeting all of you and, hopefully, selling enough books to make this whole endeavor worthwhile.

My publisher, Rodale, is helping me with a lot of publicity and logistics, but I’ve pretty much designed this tour myself. The reason is because I did not want to do a traditional series of readings and book signings at stores where the customers are either uninterested or too busy to care; I’ve heard too many horror stories about book signings attended by three people. Not going to go there, if I can help it.

Nope, what I have planned, and what I want this tour to be, is an untraditional series of conversations about foraging and fishing and hunting, as well as a string of book parties highlighted by the cooking of some of the best chefs in the country. You heard right: I have enlisted the help of chefs with kudos ranging from Michelin stars to Food & Wine accolades to James Beard awards to help me celebrate wild food in America. I am deeply honored that they have been so willing to help.

Hung, Gather, Cook book coverEach chef is creating a special tasting menu inspired by the book, menus so intensely local, seasonal and wild that it could not be done anywhere else. It is a concept made famous by the Danish restaurant NOMA, only brought here. I can’t wait to see what the chefs come up with, and it will be range anywhere from comfort food to modernist works of art.

You see the map above? Click on it, and it will take you a Google map I created with descriptions of each event. I have also created a special page on this site for classes, appearances and events – it’s a tab off the front page right next to the main blog post. I will be updating that constantly, so you know where I’ll be.

 But here’s a rundown of events I have conformed so far:

  • May 24, the day the book comes out, I will be doing a live TV spot with my friend Jaden Hair on her show in Tampa. We will be cooking fresh, local grouper, provided we caught some the day before.
  • I will then travel to northern Alabama to do some foraging, and I might do a book signing while I am there. After that I head down to the Gulf Coast of Louisiana to fish for redfish and spotted trout. I want to see for myself what the oil spill did to the fisheries.
  • From there I head to Austin for a whole week. I am excited about doing some fishing there,too,  when I am not attending the annual conference of the International Association of Culinary Professionals. Hunter Angler Gardener Cook has been nominated for the association’s Best Blog award, and I will be signing books at IACP’s Culinary Book Fair on the afternoon of Friday June 3. That event is open to the public, and I am crossing my fingers that someone will show up.
  • Our first big book dinner kicks off Sunday night, June 5, at FINO. Chef Jason Donoho is coming up with a Texas-style wild food menu. Seating on this is limited, so call 512 474 2905 for reservations.
  • From Austin I travel to Phoenix, where on June 7 I will be signing books at the Phoenix Public Market on 14 E. Pierce St. from 5-7 p.m. Come hungry, because the cooks at the market are coming up with small bites made from indigenous ingredients!
  • The next day ( June 8 ) I will be in Scottsdale, AZ (just outside of Phoenix), where I am teaming up with Chef Chrysa Robertson of Rancho Pinot. Robertson is an acclaimed chef and a founder of Slow Food Phoenix, and we are planning a menu with as many ingredients from the Sonoran Desert as we can find. I am really, really excited about this menu, as I am fascinated by the flavors of the Southwest. Cost: $75, includes wine. Click here or call 480 367 8030 for reservations. Chrysa just posted her menu:Mulberry ‘elixir’, Crispy guarijio squash blossoms, acorn meal piadini, venison sausage, New Mexican cornmeal-crusted trout, elderberry glazed and mesquite grilled quail, and mesquite flour crepes with local peach ice cream with chiltepin chili & prickly pear-desert honey sauce.
  • I return home to Sacramento June 11 for a conversation about wild food with award-winning food writer Elaine Corn at Cafe Bernardo on Capitol Ave. That event will start at 10 a.m. with coffee and a book signing, then we get to talking about all things wild. Call 916 443 1180 for more details.
  • Homecoming continues with the official book launch party at Grange on Thursday, June 16. Chefs Michael Tuohy, Brad Cecchi and I collaborate on a wild food tasting menu will all the flavors of home in early summer: spring porcini, salmon, sturgeon, and, well… you’ll have to come to find out what else. We’re planning a reception and book signing beforehand. There is a very good chance this event will sell out, so click here  to make a reservation.
  • From Sacto I head north to Portland June 25-26 for a foraging and feasting weekend with one of the best wild food chefs in the nation, Matt Lightner of Castagna. Chef Lightner and I team up with the Portland Culinary Alliance to lead a foraging walk on Saturday, and then we reconvene at Castagna for a wild food feast with the flavors of the Pacific Northwest. This is right in Matt’s wheelhouse, so you can expect great things. Call 503 231 9959 for reservations, or click here.
  • I head to Napa’s Wine Country on  June 30, where my duck hunting buddy and acclaimed chef SheamusFeeley combines game, wine and wild food at his restaurant Farmstead for a special night. Expect to see some duck here… Make reservations here or call 707 963 9181. Make sure you let them know you are reserving for the book dinner.
  • July 8-11 I will be in Salt Lake City for the annual conference of the Outdoor Writers Assn. of America. I’ll be delivering the keynote address on the intersection of the honest food movement with the world of hunting and fishing. There is an interesting meeting of cultures going on here, and I have a lot to say about it. On Saturday, July 9 I will be signing books and talking about wild food at the King’s English Bookstore in Salt Lake at 6 p.m.
  • I return to California and head to Truckee in the Sierra Nevada on July 16. Chef Jacob Burton of Stella, in the Cedar House Sport Hotel, is planning on a menu that brings together the glories of both the mountains and the Great Basin. It’s a safe bet you will see mushrooms, trout and pine nuts at this meal. Call 866.582.5655 or click here for reservations.
  • I’ll be doing a reading and book signing at Omnivore Books in San Francisco on Thursday, July 21 at 6 p.m. We’ll be talking about wild food, foraging, fishing and what it means to be a hunter in today’s urban world.
  • A few days later starts one of the coolest weekends of the tour. On Saturday, July 23, IsoRabins of Forage SF and I have chartered the fishing vessel Huli-Cat out of Half Moon Bay for a daylong expedition to catch rock cod and sand dabs. This trip is limited to the first 20-or-so people to sign up — we want plenty of space on the boat to fish. Here is the Event Brite link to sign up.
  • After the fishing trip, Iso and I head to San Francisco to clean fish and prepare for a Wild Kitchen dinner set for July 24: We’re cooking up the fish as part of a multi-course all-foraged meal. This is the only book dinner where I know I will be doing a lot of the cooking, so if you want to see if I can actually cook, come to this event. Here is the Event Brite link to sign up. There will be rock cod, duck, wild salads, oysters, elderberries and more on this menu…
  • Next week finds me in Seattle, where I will be doing a series of events, including a foraging walk with Langdon Cook. Lang and I will be taking people to the clam flats outside of Seattle for some seashore foraging and cooking. That will be Friday, July 29. Cost is $75 and it includes copies of both Langdon’s book Fat of the Land as well as Hunt, Gather, Cook. I am also planning a book signing and wild food talk on Thursday, July 28 in conjunction with Readers to Eaters and Slow Food Seattle; former “Top Chef” contestant Robin Leventhal will be cooking appetizers for the event. Details to come.
  • The following week, on August 18, I will be in San Diego at the Sea Rocket Bistro, and we will highlight the jewel of the area’s cuisine: Fresh, seasonal and sustainable seafood! Expect to see some unusual fishes at this dinner. Click here for reservations.
  • On Friday, Aug. 26 I will be signing books and talking about wild food, foraging and such at The Avid Reader in Davis, CA. Get there around 7 p.m. but the talk starts at 7:30 p.m. As an added incentive to show up, I will be serving wild game charcuterie at the event! Expect to see some wild duck pate and wild goose prosciutto!
  • After Labor Day I head East. I start in Oklahoma City, where on Sept. 6 I’ll be in Oklahoma City for a Great Plains dinner at the farm-to-table restaurant Ludivine. Looking forward to exploring the foods of the Plains. Call 405 778 6800 for reservations.
  • I expect to be able to announce a restaurant and details of a book dinner in Memphis on Sept. 7.
  • I roll into Raleigh on Sept. 13. Chef Ashley Christensen of Poole’s Diner brings the wild foods of North Carolina to her innovative restaurant. Chef Christensen doesn’t do fancy — she does good, seasonal comfort food. Add a dash of wild ingredients and it’ll be perfect for North Carolina. They don’t take reservations, but call 919 832 4477 for details.
  • I head to New York City from there, and on Sept. 22 I will be at the acclaimed restaurant Public, where Chef Brad Farmerie will fuse his Asian-inspired cooking style with local, wild ingredients. Brad is an especially good nose-to-tail and  fish cook, so I expect to see some wobbly bits and unusual local fish on the menu. I expect this dinner to sell out. Click here for reservations or call 212 343 7011.
  • On to Boston, where on Sept. 28 I will be doing a wild food, nose-to-tail New England feast with Chef Tony Maws of Craigie on Main. Much of my family lives in Massachusetts, so I am looking forward to something of a homecoming here. Craigie on Main is one of the best restaurants in Boston, so this should be a very special night. Click here for to make a reservation (top right corner of the site) or call 617 497 5511.
  • I dip down to Providence after Boston, where on October 2 Chef Matt Jennings of Farmstead’s La Laiterie Bistro is planning a wild Rhody feast. I first started fishing and foraging on Block Island, just off the coast of Rhode Island, so I am really looking forward to this. I have no idea what Matt will come up with, but it had better have quahogs! Call 401 274 7177 for reservations. I will also be doing a talk and book signing in Providence earlier that day.
  • On October 5 I will be in Pittsburgh at the restaurant Eleven. Pennsylvania is one of the most hunting-est, fishing-est places in the country, so I can’t wait to see how Chef Derek Stevens interprets that. Yellow perch and venison ought to make an appearance, I think… Click here or call 412 201 5656 for reservations.
  • The next day, on Oct. 6, I will be in Cleveland to do a book dinner at fire food and drink, one of the city’s finest farm-to-table restaurants. Cleveland is only two hours away from Pittsburgh, so the ingredients may well be similar — I am excited to see how the two chefs handle them; it’ll be sorta like an Iron Chef competition… Call 216 921 3473 for reservations, and ask for Cheryl Harrison (ext. 148), or click here.
  • On October 11 I will be back in my old stomping grounds of the Twin Cities, where Chef Scott Pampuch of The Corner Table will try to bring together as many wild Minnesota ingredients as he can. Minnesota is home to some world-class wild foods, from real, hand-harvested Ojibwe wild rice to walleye to game to wild berries. They don’t take reservations, but call 612 823 0011 for details.
  • I’ll be in Toronto on the weekend of Oct. 15-17 for signings, maybe a demo and one cool event. Ivy Knight has offered to set up one of her 86’d events on Monday, Oct. 17 — these are hip events geared to those in the restaurant trade — and thier friends — and our working plan is for chefs to come in with a wild game dish. Attendees judge. Really looking forward to this one.
  • I leave Toronto for Chicago, where I am excited about doing a dinner on Thursday, Oct. 20 at the Michelin-starred restaurant Vie. Really looking forward to this one, as Chef Paul Virant is one of the most exciting chefs in the business! Click here for reservations.
  • From there I start heading home. First stop is Billings, Montana, where I will be at Bin 119 on October 27 for a wild game dinner. Call 406 294 9119 for reservations. I am also planning a book signing at a local bookstore, too.
  • Bozeman is next, on Saturday, Oct. 29. Details to come, but we are hoping to put on a nose-to-tail feast of either elk or bison!
  • On Nov. 1 I head south to Boulder, where I will be at The Black Cat Bistro.  Boulder is one of the more serious eating towns in the country, and The Back Cat is a dedicated, Farm-to-Table restaurant. I am fascinated by Rocky Mountain ingredients, so this should be a stellar dinner! Call 303.444.5500 for reservations.
  • Finally, on Friday, Nov. 11 I will be back in the Pacific Northwest in Eugene for a series of events there. On Friday I will lead a foraging trip outside the town, and on Saturday, Nov. 12. we’ll have one last book dinner, at Marche. More details to come.

That’s what I have nailed down so far. I will keep updating this post, as well as my Classes, Appearances and Events page for current details..

I am trying to set up signings and other speaking events in each city where I have a book dinner, so if you know any place that might be a good fit, let me know. Also, if you think I ought to come to your city, email me and let’s see what we can set up. I know my tour is big city-centric, but I’d be more than happy to head to a smaller town if you think we can get a large enough crowd.

I’m starting to feel the excitement, finally. I have so many friends out there I’ve never met, and I really want to meet as many of you in person as I can. Hopefully I will see you at one of these book events, so we can talk, raise a glass and eat some fantastic food together. Wish me luck, and I’ll see you out there!

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  1. Chris

    Hank, thanks for an awesome website! I’ve tried a bunch of your ideas(beginning with having my nephew “priority mail” me a box of Butte County olives so I could try the whole lye experiment. It was a huge success. Since I can’t get back to Chico too often, I was hoping you would bring some of that NorCal style to us out here in Louisiana. The state motto is “Sportsmans Paradise” after all. Tons of rice out here, just like the Sacto area, and tons of great cooks. I am surprised no plans for visiting LA yet, but maybe its a good excuse for a road trip for us! Thanks again for all the great ideas and recipes! Chris

  2. Eric Klumb

    Good luck on the tour. I’m not sure I will make it to The Corner Table in Oct. But I will look for the book after the 24th. This site is awsome, you have opened my eyes to recipe ideas I would have never imagined.

  3. Yaun

    Chicago’s hoping you visit Hank! While you visit you don’t want to miss out on some asian carp fishin’. But bring a football helmet and your 20 gauge – it’s some high octane action out there!

  4. Nate @ House of Annie

    This is a great concept, and I wish you all the best on your book dinner tour!

  5. mark reinoso

    Just called and left a message to book reservations for 4 for Rancho Pinot. Not sure about the dates on that though.


  6. Rhonda

    I’m so sad not to see Montana on your tour, maybe for the next one.

  7. Dan K

    Noooooo! No dates in So. Cal? Oh well, maybe on your next book.

    Good Luck!

  8. Suburban Bushwacker

    Doesn’t look like I’ll make it out in the near future (but ya never know) so just my best wishes for the trip, it’s certainly long enough to do some really good promotion. If I do make it out the first one is on me

  9. Mike


    If you make it to Michigan, I can take you to do some trout fishing in some beautiful areas. Grand Rapids has a some good microbreweries, the morels are starting to pop (blacks, and now whites in the last few days) trout season just opened. Man I love spring!


  10. Peter Arnold

    God, that tour looks daunting,and I admire your tenacity in pursuing it. You better have it ALL wrapped up by mid October and be ready for duck season the next week – maybe already too late for the north state season opening – , and you already seem to be flirting with missing dove season openers. Get your priorities straight!

    Good luck with it. Going to be tough squeezing in that one day on Pt Reyes together!

  11. E. Nassar

    Too bad no Houston, TX stops Hank. Best of luck on the tour.

  12. jamie carlson

    Scott Pampuch is a genius, I don’t think you could have picked a better person or place to show off you book. When I read that I got all excited. If, while you are in Minneapolis and need a home cooked meal it would be my great honor to cook you dinner.

  13. trinichad

    Best of luck w/ the tour!

    I am getting my copy online and can’t wait (my wife ordered for me)- can I bring it to the dinner in MN for signing?

    Looking forward to trying some things of my families farm in SW MN – keep forgetting gloves to pick the nettles when finishing the vineyard work but soon, hopefully.

    All best!

  14. Lucindaville

    Have the book on order! Looking to feature it on our Cookbook Of The Day blog. Here in West Virginia I am looking at the Pittsburgh event or D.C. Can’t wait.

  15. Joe

    What time is your event happening at the Grange June 16th? I made a reservation for 7:30 pm.

  16. Cork @ Cork's Outdoors

    Sweeeet—See ya in San Francisco, Hank: Congrats!

  17. Cheryl

    Congrats on the tour! Hope the tour goes awesomely!

    Will be looking forward to hearing more about your Los Angeles date, when its fully cooked 🙂

  18. Lauryn

    If DC gets nailed down, you may be seeing me there. Good stuff!

  19. Jan

    I would second a visit to Montana –

  20. Jules

    A girlfriend of mine is excited about the Half Moon Bay trip too. See you there!

  21. Frog Mom

    Congratulations on your book! So sad I won’t be able to join you and Iso in SF in July but I’ll get the book and put it to good use. I just wrote a family hiking guidebook for the SF Bay Area and would have loved to have a book like yours geared towards younger audiences to recommend. If you need a next project, think about it. Kids love to know what they can eat – or not – on the trail but most books are written for adults and are definitely short on the fun factor. Happy book tour!

  22. Liesel

    Idaho, the forgotten state! We have so many huter/gatherer types and a blossoming food culture, especially in Boise. If you did make it through our neck of the woods I’m sure we could muster a crowd. I’m a relatively new follower of your blog, but an enthusiastic one. Looking forward to your book! Now, to the freezer for tomorrow’s pheasant :).

  23. Johnny

    Wish you had an event planned for your Gulfport stop!! Hunter / Gatherers very numerous down here on the Coast!! Eating what you catch, kill, or grow really helped define my little town of Bay St. Louis!! Look us up when you head down this way, survivors of Katrina and BP, Tough- Good Hearted People!!

  24. noëlle {simmer down!}

    Just sent you an email, I would be happy to assist with a Detroit event, I know a lot of people who would attend! Hope you can make it happen.

  25. Dave

    Hank, congrats on the book. Would love to get a copy signed. The NY, Boston and Providence stops are all within easy reach for me. Hope to make one of those dates work.

    BTW: those NE dates coincide nicely with the special Resident Canada Goose season. You may want to bring a 12 gauge on tour 🙂

  26. Sarah

    Hey there, Hank. Long time reader, first time call… er… commenter. I’m so excited you’ll be in Portland, and at Castanga of all places! Amazing restaurant. I’m sure you’ll be posting more details later, but I’m interested in both the walk and the dinner, and don’t see any details about the walk (or timing for the dinner) on the Ptown Culinary Alliance website. Any idea yet when that’ll be happening?

  27. Johnny West

    You bet. I’ll look forward to seeing you in Seattle. JW

  28. Mary

    I’m super excited that you’ll be coming to Pittsburgh! I also love Eleven, that place is great. When I talk my husband into letting me make a reservation, what time is best to pick? I’m sure you don’t know yet, so I’ll stay tuned.

  29. Bob

    I would like to help organize a book stop in Boulder Colorado
    Please me know how I can help

    Take care


  30. Tovar@AMindfulCarnivore

    Hey, Hank – The mid-week Boston event probably won’t work for me, though I might be able to make it down for the Rhode Island gig. If you want to squeeze in a northern New England event (Burlington, VT?), I can connect you with some good folks.

  31. MrBelm

    Made my reservation for Sept.28 at Craigie. Can’t wait to see what you and Tony cook up.

  32. Karen

    Hank, we look forward to meeting up with you at the Providence, RI location. We are wondering if you thought the restaurant would be open to contributions of foraged edibles or recipe ideas from some local New England foragers for the meal? My husband and I both have a backround in foodservice and enjoy cooking with our finds. The event is not yet listed at their events page, so I’ll keep checking back with them. Do you feel it is too forward for us to contact them about a contribution/collaboration? Thanks for some advice, Karen and Robert

  33. Angela

    Hank, I’m absolutely coming to the Scottsdale event. What day is it though? You don’t seem to mention it in the post. Exciting!

  34. Joyce Pinson

    No KY book signings? Hey, we “get it.” Hope you can find the time.

  35. Carol

    Hank–Any updates on Los Angeles or San Diego yet? Is this thread the best place to check for that info, or will you post it elsewhere? Eagerly awaiting…

  36. Charlotte

    Gulfport? Fabulous! Where will you be eating/signing?

  37. Dave

    How firm is north Alabama? That’s the closest one to Memphis, and I’d love to organize something here if possible. What’s the definition of “a large enough crowd?”

  38. canice

    please do come to toronto!

  39. Perry P. Perkins


    Fellow cook-book author and food blogger here. Man, I just found your blog today and I’m loving everything I read. I’m a lifelong hunter, angler, gatherer myself, can’t wait to get my hands on your book!


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  41. Audwin McGee

    have been enjoying your blog for sometime, even recommend it on my blog. have a great friend, Billy Reid, (clothing designer) that hunts with me. I hunt wild pig with my dogs year round, along with the rest in season. I’ m in Florence AL. area, with Billy on the Tennessee River. (Google Us) I know I can speak for Billy and say we would enjoy you swinging by when you leave Gadsden if it works for you as I would love to help with promoting you in our area. Another good friend Frank Stitt might come up to help out if you were to do an event here. Looks like you will be in Texas June 4 but just in case, we are helping host Billy’s annual “Shindig” on the weekend of 3/4 of June. dong the breakfast brunch for out of towners Sat morn. at our place. You are cordially invited to come if you can, otherwise let’s talk about doing something later on. Mail me when you get a minute if interested.

  42. walt clark

    Hey,I was checking out your blog…pretty cool stuff.If your passing through New Orleans and wanna try some local cuisine hit me up.I’m not in the food industry but some friends of mine and myself do alot of fishing and cooking…best of wishes on your tour!!!!

  43. Joyce @friendsdriftinn

    Wishing you all the best…I finally found this schedule probably need new bifocals! Pouting no appearances in KY or WV…

  44. Nicole

    Don’t forget Alaska!

  45. Dave

    Hope the trip is going well, and that you make it to Memphis. I just ordered your book from Barnes and Noble – can’t wait for it to get here.

  46. Rachel

    Congrats so much on the book – mine is on its way 🙂 Would love to make the trip up to Toronto from Buffalo, NY in Oct. – do you know if there are reservations for the 86’d event? Best wishes, I appreciate your take on your adventures.

  47. Zach

    Still hoping that Denver gets put in the mix. SLC is just to far a drive.

  48. Laura

    When’s the tour t-shirt coming out, Hank? 😉

  49. Jacqueline and Keith

    Hank–Looking forward to getting our books signed on July 21st in San Francisco! We have been reading and enjoying your stories and recipes. The book is truly a beautiful work and you should be extremely proud of it. Congratulations are certainly in order, sir. We still remember our first duck hunt with you and Holly on New Year’s Day fondly!

  50. Catherine

    I just checked the book out at my local library. What an interesting blend of semi-identification guide and how-to/recipe/prep advice! Thanks for weighing several different sources rather than insisting on one “right” way to do anything. I always freak out if I don’t have some specialized equipment called for on blogs or websites.

    I definitely need to get my own copy so I can make notes in the margins and dogear the pages.

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  52. Sarah Galvin (All Our Fingers in the Pie)

    I get exhausted just looking at your schedule. Good luck and I hope all is going well.

  53. mike

    I see the TWEETS sez Motor City. when and where?

  54. mike

    first week of waterfowl season here….just so ya know. 😉

  55. Well

    Great site. Great ideas! I was just wondering if You will visit Illinois?

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