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20 responses to “My Happy Place”

  1. Heather at FarmgirlGourmet

    I love Point Reyes. When I lived in SF in my 20’s I went there as much as I could. Beautiful! Wonderful pictures Hank! I hope you get to feeling better.

  2. Alan

    Ahhhh, the smell of salt tickles the nose and brings a calm to the nerves.

    I completely and fully understand this need. Glad your headache is gone.

    Good luck on the book tour..Alan

  3. Peter Arnold

    I grew up in Marin, and spent many happy times on the Pt Reyes peninsula long before it became a National Seashore. I remember where what is now scrub brush on the way to the light house used to be pea fields. Hunted ducks in the Limantour Lagoon. Hunted the big glass balls the Japanese used to use for net floats on the other sice of the Pacific and would float all the way to the Pt Reyes beaches.
    I am interested that you found wild strawberries there, though, since that has been one foraging quarry our family has sought all over Marin for more years than I care to count. My younger brother, who spent almost 30 years in the CIA, has a map of favorite spots which he guards far more closely than any document he ever did while with the spooks. But we found precious few strawberries on that side of the San Andreas Fault until somehwere around the Boliinas mesa. I think there are some basic flora differences on each side of that fault running through Tomales Bay. No redwoods to the west, no Bishop pines to the east. No or damn few wild strawberries to the west, more to the east. Wish I couldhave joined you on your trek to solitude!

    FYI, I have two of your books ordered, one for my friend who found your Red Bull pheasant recipe so great. Good luck on your tour, and hope you sell lots!

  4. Nancy Shaw

    Love this post! It describes exactly why I feel Blest every day that I wake up because I am now priviledged in my old age to be living on beautiful Cape Ann. This little Island has all the type of things you have just described in this blog. Happy you were able to find a place to escape to. It is vital to have a place to go to that fills the needs of your spirit and soul. Blessings to you and love!

  5. Laura

    Like Peter, I grew up in Marin. Instead of hunting or foraging, my time outdoors in the MMWD, on Mt. Tam or at Point Reyes was spent riding horses or mountain bikes, or trail-running. I was always most charmed by the arrival of the wild irises, and especially excited to find the pale pinky-white ones in the shadier places. And I will always associate this part of the world with 1) dusty patches of ripening blackberries on a hot buzzy summer day and 2) Mrs. Terwilliger showing us miner’s lettuce and encouraging us to nibble on it. Glad you like this place, Hank; it’s always been my most happy place, too.

  6. Cork @ Cork's Outdoors

    As if I wasn’t already too impatient for those huckleberries at Point Reyes to fruit and ripen, so I could get to my favorite picking site, Hank… 😉 At least I cut some starts today from the bluebberry bush in my backyard, to hopefully have some more to plant by next year, and take my mind off my fanaticism for vaccinium.

  7. Sean

    Mmm … you just made me want to hop in the car RIGHT NOW and head up that ways. Definitely my happy place, too, though I tend to favor Western Sonoma county.

  8. Janis

    What a beautiful post. The ocean has always been my happy place. Isn’t it amazing that we have all of nature to balance us and quiet our head radios?

    Hope you are rejuvenated and ready for the adventure you are about to embark on.

  9. Phyllis

    I grew up in Rhode Island and share your attachment for Block Island. I gasped when you named it – it’s beyond beautiful to me. I hope to be there sometime later this summer. Sigh.

  10. Bill Bird

    Headaches and eye-twitching is nothing to laugh at Hank, but I know this has been a particularly tough year for Nothern Californianers (I just made that up). Although I grew up here and lived in the San Joaquin/Sacramento Valleys for most of my life, I should be immune to the various and many allergies that many outsiders suffer from. That wasn’t the case this year. They hit me like a TON of bricks. Normally? I’m sidelined for a week and life is good again. This year it hit the second week of April and is only now starting to wind down. Point is? It’s been a tough spring. Hang in there…

  11. Rebecca

    I did the exact same thing when I found oregon grape down here! Though I only just used the berries last year for the first time; the roots are one of my favourite liver medicines ever,

    Gorgeous pictures, and I agree with you about the sea. I often feel like it’s salt water in my veins not blood.

  12. Marya

    I know this is off topic, but have you ever made anything with desert parsley? I’m seeing it everywhere and am coming up blank as to what to do with it.

  13. Peter Arnold

    Laura, did you live in Belevedere/Tiburon where Mrs. Terwilliger did? (Yes, Hank, she really existed – what a great lady). We did from 1962-73 and our kids used to follow her.

    Name a date Hank – I hope by late June I’ll be a lot more mobile than I am right now as this fractured soup bone continues to heal!

  14. Kathleen Bauer

    Thanks for sharing your Happy Place, Hank. Beautifully written!

  15. Steve

    The journey over on the ferry to Block Island is a vacation in itself!

  16. BethBader

    Wish I could say that publishing a book was all about enjoying the accomplishment. I think I work harder now on the PR and making it work than I did writing and recipe development. Hang in there. I went up “home” for a walk in the woods just a week ago myself. Same reason. Found some morels, too.

  17. Carol

    Thirteen years ago (nearly to the day), I embarked on a two-week, solo, foodie road trip. I packed cooking equipment and drove up the coast from Los Angeles to Mendocino County, stopping every two or three days at motels with kitchenettes, preparing all my meals from whatever locally-produced foods I could buy. I have many great memories of that trip–eating raw (live) deep-water shrimp right out of the shell on Avila Beach Pier, hunting for abalones in a minus tide on the Medocino coast–but my very, very best memory is of spending several days in a rental house in Pt. Reyes Station. I hiked for miles in Pt. Reyes, revelling in the astonishing beauty of the area, fell completely in love with it. I also ate very well–Cowgirl Creamery cheese, Tomales Bay oysters, the patch of miner’s lettuce in my rental’s side yard…Your post brought it all back! Glad you have such a magical place near you to escape the stress. Best of luck with the book tour.

  18. Nate @ House of Annie

    I’ve never seen those pussy ears mariposa lily before. They are fantastic!

  19. Ken albala

    You know, I think there are maybe two fundamental types of people. The beach bums – my wife definitely is one of those. And though we both grew up in the same place near the Jersey Shore, I turned out to be a mountain goat. Love beaches, but dense forested mountains do it for me. I guess there are also desert foxes, prairie chickens, swamp rats. It can’t just be that we gravitate toward the places we were raised.


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