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11 responses to “Corned Gizzards and Cabbage”

  1. mark reinoso

    this looks amazing. Seriously amazing. IVe never had gizzards before, but you make me want to try!

    Anyway….here is a personal question. Do you ever just stop by the drive through and get a greasy burrito or a Big Mac?

  2. Melanie Christner

    This makes me wish I still had chicken gizzards in my freezer. I like the creative use of organs.

  3. Jessa

    Cabbage flowers are not hard to find at ALL ’round these-here parts! Our recent deluge/scorching sun combo has caused all our cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi, and mustard to bolt…so we, too, have been eating a lot of flowers.

    I love the sweet crunch they add to a salad or soup (tossed in at the last minute, so as not to overcook and lose their fragrance).

    This recipe looks AMAZING – do you have a favorite kind of gizzard to use? We happen to have a couple of giant wild turkey gizzards laying around from Rick’s recent hunting trips…

  4. livermoron

    Have always loved gizzards. Going to have to jury-rig a sous-vide environment. Maybe a water-bath kept in the oven? Because ovens cycle +/- this may not be a viable approach.

    Borage flowers taste like cucumbers and anchovies. Also, I pick chive buds and pickle them as an interesting salad inclusion.

  5. Michael

    Hank – I’m interested in your perspective. Will the sous vide become more approachable to the average American family? Will it ever join the ranks of the crockpot or pressure cooker as an affordable family appliance? Sous vide seems like it would be a great addition to the arsenal of working parents.

  6. Carolina Rig

    Turkey gizzards will have to suffice for me….gobble gobble.

  7. John

    Unfortunately, the lovely Padma and her baby apparently went vegetarian…

  8. Chuck

    The other day I helped a friend dispatch his small flock of 16 Muscovies and got all the hearts and gizzards (yay!). As luck would have it, I just ran across this awesome site, and half the gizzards have been in corned beef brine for 3 days. Foolishly, maybe, I was thinking that they should brine about as long as a brisket, due to their extreme denseness. Looks like I’m going to have some salty nuggets!

    I’m going to be getting a goat later in the year, and I’m sorely tempted to try your Mocetta recipe. Thanks for this blog. What a treasure.

  9. Jesse

    Wondering if a crock pot would suffice for the long-boil?

  10. Mark Buckley

    After butchering a dozen meat chickens this year, I tried this recipe, with a slight modification. I pressure cooked the gizzards under 15 psi for 40 minutes. I was very pleased with the results, VERY tender gizzards.

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