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9 responses to “Sharptail Grouse, Prairie Style”

  1. Tyler

    Very cool! Being from North Dakota, I shoot sharpies all the time during the fall. Going out and hunting them on a bright, sunny afternoon is an especially nice change after shooting a limit of ducks in the morning. Can make for quite an eventful fall day! For years, I’ve always mixed my sharptail grouse breasts in with my ducks. Often, they’re hard to tell apart. I’d definitely like to try cooking them more on their own, however. Last fall was my first time ever eating fresh (never frozen) sharptail. I did the “bacon-wrapped-breast-secured-via-toothpick” trick and glazed the whole deal in BBQ sauce. Tasted much, much better fresh than frozen, and certainly opened my eyes to the possible cooking options for sharptails instead of just throwing them in with the ducks.

  2. chris

    for those who don’t have a dedicated sous-vide cooking apparatus you can achieve similar results using a standard beer cooler:

    Obviously it is not going to give you the same precise control or work with high temps or long cook times but 138 for less than an hour should be no problem.

  3. Tovar@AMindfulCarnivore

    A good friend of mine from here in Vermont makes an annual pilgrimage to Montana, specifically to hunt sharpies. He has prepared some for us once or twice. Delicious.

  4. Tasha @ Voracious

    ‘Those of us who like our meat to taste like something…’ – YES! I recently posted a curried lamb pizza and several people commented that they didn’t really like the gamey taste of lamb (or goat) and I was wondering…do you want you meat to taste like nothing? Why????

    This looks absolutely delicious. A gorgeous plate of food.

  5. Kevin

    Love the concepts behind the dish, and it’s a pretty one indeed. Well done.

  6. OwlOak

    Greetings Hank,

    Living as I do in Western Mass. the hunting and fishing is not surpassed by many states. However, there are species that do elude us. Based upon what we have here I can agree with you that the Ruffled Grouse, partridge, is one of the finest eating.

    I hunt and fish the Berkshires, as well as Southern Vermont, so there is a plethora wild game to enjoy.

    Now, the purpose of this post is to tell you that I seriously enjoy your recipes, but more so, the “stuff” behind them. By that I mean the understanding of the blending of spices and cooking techniques that gives that ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the ordinary. Thank you! 🙂

    Huggs & B*B ~ OwlOak

  7. Mike Lum

    Hey Hank. This is a bit behind, just saw this recipe. I was curious about the lack of pre or post sous vide sear on the grouse breasts. seems like a little Maillard wouldn’t hurt. Your thoughts? Thanks,


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