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16 responses to “Calabrian Rabbit with Red Peppers”

  1. Foodies Heaven

    Even though i have just eaten, the images in this post made me drool firstly the Rabbit image the the book cover, I have to get that book and indulge in one of foods hidden gems in Southern Italy.
    Your Rabbit recipe will be stored with my others, I live in a country community and often have gluts of rabbit.

  2. Amelia from Z Tasty Life

    Rabbit is so succulent and particularly dear to Southern Italians. My family, which is from Sorrento, makes a “coniglio in agrodolce”, which has a sweet and sour sauce, made with a vegetable ragout that includes raisins. The sauce has a tangy flavor, which comes from marinating the rabbit first in vinegar and white wine, and then in lemon.

  3. Cork @ Cork's Outdoors

    Gawwd, I love rabbit…surprising to many after the pet rabbit killing chapter of my Vietnam prison memoir–but you just can’t get away from how tasty they are! …Would this great looking recipe also work for a jack or hare, Hank; or is it too dark of a meat?

    Gorgeous use of color by Holly, too!

  4. Dave

    I’m really gonna have to give this recipe a try. I’ve been intrigued by idea of combining various meats with peppers and paprika, ever since I tried your Chilindron recipe with venison from an Axis deer. It came out great. Now I’m really looking forward to trying rabbit or pheasant as an alternative. Maybe rabbit w/peppers as done here and I”ll save the pheasant for my next attempt at Chilindron.

    BTW, the book looks like a great gift for my wife. Her family comes from Calabria so much of the content will probably be familiar to her.

  5. Kathleen Bauer

    I am so making this as soon as I can reserve a rabbit, though I’ll no doubt have them cut it up for me (I’ve heard it’s hard). Second, if these are your dishes I’m so jealous!

  6. Ken albala

    Hank, You should do a rabbit book. Delicious, versatile, I’m told really easy to raise too. People should eat more of it. And of course you’ld have to include Louisiana Back Bayou Bunny Bordelaise a la Antoine. “You do not mean THE Antoine of New Orleans?” “I don’t mean Antoine of Flatbush.”

  7. Dan

    Hank, I’m for the rabbit cook book too. I’d call it: Flay-rah

    Sorry, but I always enjoy a Watership Down reference and had to throw in one of my own.

  8. Garrett

    Watership Down Movie = Nightmare Fuel

    Still, awesome post. I love a well cooked rabbit.

  9. MNAngler

    We’ve tried various versions of rabbit dishes since I started shooting my own in my backyard (for pest control rather than food), but have really only liked one (braised in a dutch oven). Having decided we don’t really like rabbit, my family decided not to cook up anymore.

    But then you had to post this recipe. Between this and the rotisserie rabbit we saw on Bizarre Foods recently, it looks like we’ll be eating rabbit at least twice more.

  10. Rohan

    It’s interesting to see the base flavors move from Spain, Italy and Portugal.
    I’ve been cooking Catalan Rabbit for some time now and it’s always a welcome dish, especially in Autumn. Went hunting last night after work, so many rabbits but alas none in my game bag.

    We also tend to poach rabbit and then add it to dish’s as a chicken replacement. It works well, most notably for those that have an aversion to eating them.

    I often find the backstrap dries out especially when cooked slowly at low temp, even when submerged in a stock or broth. The leg’s and the belly are the money cut’s for me. But I’m always trying new recipes, this one is now next on the list.

  11. Michael C

    Love the recipe. And I love rabbit. But I haven’t eaten it much; at least not wild rabbit.

    Life is about balance, or more to the point, marriage is about balance.

    We live in the mountains of Plumas County. Cottontails visit our property every now and then. We love watching them.

    If one of those wound up on the table, the balance of marital bliss would be seriously up-ended. I know my limits.

    But this recipe looks excellent. I might have to buy a domestic rabbit.

    But then I have issues with that. Much of my interest in obtaining my own food has to do with economics. Buying domestic rabbit ain’t cheap!
    But then some times gastronomy wins out over economics.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    p.s. Pre-ordered the book yesterday

  12. Tacovan

    What’s that served on the side? Polenta? I want to make this tomorrow night… maybe I’ll serve it with pasta.

  13. Tacovan

    Made this last night and it came out fantastic. One ingredient I didn’t have on hand was sweet paprika- I substituted smoked hot paprika and halved the amount. I’m glad I did… even just one TBSP of this stuff threatened to overpower the whole thing!

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