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37 responses to “Venison Meat Pies”

  1. noelle {simmer down!}

    You obviously wrote this for me, as I DO have a bunch of ground venison laying around in the freezer! After making chili, meatloaf, meatballs, a sort of shepherd’s pie with yuca, and a ragu with porcini mushrooms, I was almost starting to run out of inspiration. I think this cold weather we’re having here in MI is going to stick around long enough to make these meat pies seem like a darn good idea.

  2. Sofya

    Oh yum!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Paul C

    dude .. you need to go to Australia .. Meat Pies are the equivalent of Hotdogs back home … every gas station, every 7-11, every sporting event has hotboxes filled with various meats, lips, and assholes stuffed into pastry.

    Actually there’s a place here in Austin called Boomerangs that makes some half decent aussie style meat pies for whenever I get homesick. Now if only I could find somewhere with some lamingtons or vanilla slice….

  4. Sarah Commerford

    mmm…Jamaican meat patties – tough to compete with. But this recipe looks great. Interesting that it’s a yeast pastry/dough. And, the antlers are boss.

  5. Jake

    The pie looks fantastic, what flower did you use to get that colour of dough, acorn, spelt or whole wheat?

  6. Graeme

    Ah, meat pies! South Africa has its share too – steak and kidney being my favorite.

  7. Bumbling Bushman

    Is that a tribute to “Spork” on that pie? Looks really, really delicious mate.

  8. Kristy Moon

    Yum, I’ll have to try this with ground lamb. I never would have thought of making a meat pie with a yeasted dough. In our house, the meat pies are usually Chilean-style empanadas, stuffed with “pino” (an onion-heavy meat blend), always with added olives, boiled eggs and raisins.

  9. Lisa Jordan

    I am making this tonight! Perfect timing. And love the antler detail, I’m totally stealing that.

  10. MNAngler

    This looks really good. Will have to try it when I get my ground venison later this week.

    Those Jamaican meat pies sound interesting. Have you ever tried the Chinese curry beef buns? They sound very similar. You can find the Chinese version at dim sum at times, but mainly in Chinese delis. Next time you’re in the Twin Cities, look me up and I’ll take you to the best place in town for them.

  11. adele

    Seconding what Paul says – I’d be interested to see your take on an Australian meat pie.

    Love the antlers!

  12. Peter Arnold

    Hank, did you know there are pasty producers here in Nevada County, the home of many Cousin Jacks who came from Cornwall to wrok the gold mines?

  13. Cork @ Cork's Outdoors

    As my mom’s from the Andes of Ecuador, Hank, the empanada reference caught me immediately. She always made those half-moon pastries with chicken, peas, corn and carrots for the filling. This take with venison will be a fresh take on something that was in my lunch box just about every week as a kid–no matter what country we happened to be in at the time: True comfort food!

  14. Tovar

    Mmmmmm…can’t wait to try these.

  15. Meredith

    Thank you for this recipe! I cook with nearly every cut of venison many ways and never thought to put ground venison in a meat pie. Will be trying soon!

  16. Amelia from z tasty life

    I adore those antlers…and thank you for bringing back an Italian Easter classic. Meat pies are like chicken soup: every country has its versions.

  17. April

    Lovely recipe! Are you familiar with Nicola Fletcher’s venison cookbooks? If not then you need to take a look. She and her husband pioneered modern venison farming, yes, farming, in Scotland. I used to buy their meat when I lived nearby and I love her Game For All cookbook bought directly from them at a farm market years ago. She gives recipes for traditional standing meat pies measuring 8″ in diameter. Better, she tells you how to freeze them for later.

    Farmed isn’t as good as wild but wild isn’t affordable over that way.

  18. Tamar@StarvingofftheLand

    I can’t speak for all the Jews, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t mind losing a culinary face-off to the Jamaicans. Food has never been our cultural long suit (although I have a soft spot for gefilte fish).

    Nice pie!

  19. Jessica

    Good Morning!

    My blog post sort of came from yours today. Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Josh

    Holy moley that looks good!

    As for carp (gefilte fish), I’ve got a good spot, and a great use for Holly’s new bow…

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  22. Lauryn

    Going to try these tonight Hank. We’re always looking for new ways to use ground venison. Thanks!

  23. Marshall from Rangeland

    Hey Hank,

    We made this last night. It was good but the meat really ended up like a patty inside. We wanted to consistency to be more shepard’s pie like? Any thoughts on how to do that? I’m thinking of adding a little moisture to the meat (Although the butter should have done that).

    Loved the dough.

  24. Patty H.

    This looks delicious – – a wonderful comfort food! I’ve just come across you site today, and I really like it; can’t wait to try some of your recipes.


    I have some grass fed beef in my freezer just dying to become a beef pot pie. This looks amazing.

  26. Marshall from Rangeland

    Okay, that makes sense.

  27. Beth

    Made these tonight. I doubled the recipe for my family of five, but should probably have given the kids half each. So yummy!

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  29. Venison

    Never had a venison meat pie, but this looks delicious. Will have to try it!

  30. Tim S.

    I just wanted to let the author know that, yes, Teddywedgers is still in operation in Madison, and still churning out “pass-tees” on the Corner of State and Mifflin Streets.

    And I can understand your longing for his Cornish Pasties… I’ve been in love with them since I was but a lad of 15.

  31. Deborah

    My father used to rave about a deep dish venison pie that my Italian-national great grandmother made in the winter time. It may only be that deer season was in the winter time or it may have been a holiday dish. I don’t know that answer.

    Anyone have any hints about what it was and how it’s made? I would love to give it a tray. Thanks!

  32. beth

    Do you brown the meat first or put it in raw?

  33. Cjinscore

    Hank: Made your venison garlic and bay sausage a few days ago and it’s my favorite sausage recipe of yours to date. I still have some of it around, do you think it would make a good filling for these pies? Just use the sausage meat as is, don’t add any of the above spices, except maybe the green onion? Thanks as always.

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