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21 responses to “Scottish Venison Soup”

  1. Michael C

    Well, I cling proudly to my Irish heritage. !00% Irish. Second generation. But this soup looks dang good so I must give it a try. And I sit in awe of someone who could down 18 pints of the best beer in the world in one sitting. I might have pulled that off in my younger days, but today I could only do if a “sitting” were defined as an appropriate number of days. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  2. Ian Callaghan

    This recipe has come at the perfect time as I am visiting the Welsh Venison centre tomorrow. I will be making this very soon.

  3. fishguy

    Single malt before or after the soup?

  4. Cork @ Cork's Outdoors


    If I wasn’t forced to be so stingy with my venison (only one deer this year), I’d be making more of this! Wonder how it’d be with bear…or coyote (dog tastes like mutton).

  5. Jonny

    so, here’s the thing (and maybe I’m preaching to the choir here) but why is it venison is so hard to find in the states? There are deer literally everywhere now that we’ve seen off almost all the apex predators, and yet the butcher will roll his eyes when I ask him if he can get me some. Seriously. He just sold me some veal brains, farm raised alligator and emu steaks, but not venison? Great tip about only letting the broth simmer, and love me some nettles. I’ve seen this made with water cress too, by my Great-Grandma Robertson once upon a time, but the two tend to grow together at this time of year along river banks or other damp areas in the spring. Great work, Hank!

  6. Christine

    Being Scots-Irish-English myself, and tending to feel more Scots than anything else, I found it refreshing to see you celebrating your Scots ancestry so close to St. Patrick’s Day. Do I detect an uprising? Lucky me to have a deer hunting son who will gift me with venison when asked. Great recipe, now saved for just such an occasion. And it’s green!

  7. Hannah

    I love venison, and this soup looks so delicious and unique!

  8. Rhonda

    Not a drop of Scot or Irish in me, but I love any reason to celebrate and make food :o) I cook a lot of venison so I’m eager to try this recipe and I promise, no boiling.

  9. Dawna

    Your soup looks wonderful and I am going to try making it with caribou, which I have plenty on hand. Do you think kale would make a good substitute for nettle? Can nettle be cultivated or is it only found in the wild?

  10. Erica

    Our supply of venison is all ground…would it still be worth it?

    Probably not as tasty, but I have 70 lbs of ground venison and am looking for new and inventive ways to use it.

  11. Erica

    Meatballs! Of course! Can’t wait to try it. I have everything on hand already. Thanks!

  12. Katerina

    Nice to see another proud Scott around. Living in New Jersey means we’re in short supply.

  13. Leitch1992

    Im Scottish and Native American and i must say im looking forward to trying this recipe. It looks amazing but I was wondering… I have about 4 lbs of wild antelope meat and I’m really not sure if it will work as well as deer meat. I know theyre the same family but I’m worried that the antelope will taste too gamey. I just really need to use it. Any tips or ideas?

  14. pcplex

    Any reason you don’t start this out by first browning the venison? Or sweating the vegetables?

  15. Shughes

    Looked to the comments to see how this soup has turned out for others. Nothing said about anyone actually making the soup. Has anyone tried it?

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