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My Book Edges Toward Reality

Preliminary Cover Art for Hunt, Gather, Cook

A couple days ago I decided, on a whim, to type my name into the search engines of Amazon and Barnes & Noble. No idea, really, why I chose to do that, other than the vague curiosity about when my book might show up on pre-order.

I hit “enter,” and there it was! Available before the holidays, even.

It’s still six months or so until “Hunt, Gather, Cook” will be released — details such as actual page count, final editing, etc. are still a work in progess. But, if you are so inclined, you can pre-order the book  and tell the big booksellers that yes, you want a copy when it does come out in early summer.

Why bother doing this? Why not wait until the book is released? Those Who Know These Things tell me that if we get enough pre-orders, Rodale (my publisher) will print more copies, the booksellers will be more inclined to feature the book, book reviewers more likely to review it, and so on. A rare few books generate so many pre-orders that they hit the bestseller lists immediately upon release. Now that would be pretty damn, cool, eh?

You can pre-order my book through here, or, if you’d prefer, through Barnes & Noble here. I haven’t seen the book show up on other online booksellers yet, but if you notice it, let me know.

Incidentally, the cover art you see above may or may not be the final book cover; it’s a working one based off a design by my able sister Laura, who, conveniently, designs books for a living. We’ll see what it evolves into as the actual publication date nears.

I feel my heart racing as I write this. Finally, “Hunt, Gather Cook” is creeping toward something physical, something I can hold in my hand. What’s more, I feel like I’ve been harboring a secret all these months because so much of the book is new material I’ve never published here on Hunter Angler Gardener Cook — and I can’t wait to share that secret with you.

Only a few more months to go…

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