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My Book Edges Toward Reality

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Preliminary Cover Art for Hunt, Gather, Cook

A couple days ago I decided, on a whim, to type my name into the search engines of Amazon and Barnes & Noble. No idea, really, why I chose to do that, other than the vague curiosity about when my book might show up on pre-order.

I hit “enter,” and there it was! Available before the holidays, even.

It’s still six months or so until “Hunt, Gather, Cook” will be released — details such as actual page count, final editing, etc. are still a work in progess. But, if you are so inclined, you can pre-order the book  and tell the big booksellers that yes, you want a copy when it does come out in early summer.

Why bother doing this? Why not wait until the book is released? Those Who Know These Things tell me that if we get enough pre-orders, Rodale (my publisher) will print more copies, the booksellers will be more inclined to feature the book, book reviewers more likely to review it, and so on. A rare few books generate so many pre-orders that they hit the bestseller lists immediately upon release. Now that would be pretty damn, cool, eh?

You can pre-order my book through here, or, if you’d prefer, through Barnes & Noble here. I haven’t seen the book show up on other online booksellers yet, but if you notice it, let me know.

Incidentally, the cover art you see above may or may not be the final book cover; it’s a working one based off a design by my able sister Laura, who, conveniently, designs books for a living. We’ll see what it evolves into as the actual publication date nears.

I feel my heart racing as I write this. Finally, “Hunt, Gather Cook” is creeping toward something physical, something I can hold in my hand. What’s more, I feel like I’ve been harboring a secret all these months because so much of the book is new material I’ve never published here on Hunter Angler Gardener Cook — and I can’t wait to share that secret with you.

Only a few more months to go…

32 responses to “My Book Edges Toward Reality”

  1. Bumbling Bushman

    I … can’t… wait
    Offering my pre-congratulations now.

  2. Alan

    Outstanding! I would love to get a copy.

    Went out crabbing yesterday and nailed them. I will send you a few pics.

    Really enjoyed your truffle post. Was wondering if you might give up a general
    area where you foraged for future exploration.

    Keep up the good work…..Alan

  3. Phil Tretheway

    Just ordered mine. You’d better sign it at Duck Duel 3.

  4. J.R. Young


  5. MNAngler

    Congrats, Hank!

  6. Matt Ames

    That’s awesome news! kind of a crappie cover though. “da da ching”.

  7. fishesandloaves

    Woot! This is so exciting! Congratulations … although I’m not sure I can hold out till May 2011

  8. Marshall from Rangeland

    Congratulations Hank. That will be a great acheivement for you – professionally and personally – I’m sure. I can’t imagine the amount of pride you will feel when you get the first copy.

    I’ll have to “hunt” you down and “gather” your autograph. (Cheesy? Yes. Necessary? No. But it made me laugh.)


  9. Buzzie

    Just pre-ordered, you make me proud! Can’t wait!

  10. Laura

    Happy to help drive sales, Hank! I’ll go order mine now. I hope I get to stand in line to have you autograph it someday soon (“can you sign it, To Laura, my favoritest colleague E-VER, love and eternal gratitude, couldn’t have done this without you, love forever, Hank”?)

  11. Al Cambronne


    (And those crappies look delicious.)

    The cover has me salivating already. Time to go warm up that leftover meatloaf…

  12. Patrick McMurray

    Hey Hank, Congratulations! Well Done!

  13. Kim Graves

    Just pre-ordered. Looking forward to reading your book. Congrats. As a published author myself, I can tell you it feels good to have your thoughts down and out in public.

  14. Garrett

    Rock. On.

  15. Robert

    Congrats, Hank. 6 months out is real early–have you gotten galleys yet? I love the cover, and am heading off to preorder my copy now!

  16. E. Nassar

    The cover looks great. Just pre-ordered my copy. This is very exciting Hank. Best wishes for a huge success.

  17. Tovar

    Fantastic, Hank! I’m really looking forward to your book’s release. Congrats again!

  18. Cheryl

    Congratulations, can’t wait to see it.

    Just pre-ordered my copy.

  19. Cork@Cork'sOutdoors

    Congratulations, Hank–can’t wait to get a review copy from the publisher when it comes out!

    ….Is the publisher trying to hit the Euro market, also? That goose seems more like a Greylag than a Speck: the photo makes me want to go hunting with my waterfowl writer colleague Eric Begbie in Scotland! :)

  20. Chris

    Congrats Hank! I work for the Nashville Public Library and will be recommending your book to our team for purchase and pre-ordering my own copy. Maybe someday we can meet together and have you sign it! And if you need a review, let me know; love to write reviews.

  21. matt

    I swear I would be checking amazon and B&N every day if I was you! no “vague curiosity” I can tell you!

    I am really excited for this mate. I know this book is going to do extremely well!

  22. Bettina Hall

    Hi Hank,

    I just checked on my favourite sellers site and can report that your book is also available on pre-order from

    Congratulations and – yes, I ordered it.

    Happy Holidays from Spain,


  23. Mike Spies

    Hank, I’ll pre-order so that you can boost the royalty trust fund. I WILL have to have my copy signed!


    Mike S
    Living with Bird Dogs

  24. Diann

    This sounds awesome! I’ve been reading through your blog and I cannot wait!

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  26. trinichad

    didn’t know I could preorder – will do so and looking forward to having and using it.

    side note:made your toulouse stuykle sausage over the weekend using all duck and duck fat – tastes great (not less filling!). I thought that much nutmeg may overpower but gives it a great underlying sweetness. Will be super in casoulet this weekend (since it’s supposed to be -15 her in MN this Saturday).

    thanks again

  27. Turling

    Congratulations. Just placed my pre-order. Can’t wait to get it.

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