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19 responses to “Hunting Sharptail Grouse”

  1. Sporting Days

    I agree. The Prairie totally rocks. What a fun trip and hunt. Congrats on your sharptails. Sounds like you ran into good numbers of birds.

  2. Phillip

    Welcome home, Hank!

    I’m not much of a bird hunter, but you do make it sound like a fun hunt in a very cool place. Maybe I’ll tag a bird hunt on the tail of a big game hunt some day… maybe ptarmigan after a caribou, or some such.

  3. Kevin Taylor

    I’m even more jealous of the trip after reading that. And if I’m not mistaken, is that a Black Lab you were hunting behind in the pictures?

  4. E. Nassar

    Thank you for a wonderful read Hank. Only thing that would’ve made this post even better is a shot of the fisnished grouse risotto dish! Good luck in Canada.
    I enjoy reading your posts so much that I would buy your book even if I was not planning on cooking a single recipe from it, but of course I am. Looking forward to that.

  5. oldfatslow

    Great story. I want to do some
    upland hunting one day. That
    sure sounded like a lot of fun.


  6. Kevin

    Cooool. So you’re headed up here AGAIN, heh?

  7. Karen

    Great hunt – great story!

  8. Tamar@StarvingofftheLand

    There ought to be a specific name for the feeling you get when your partner is succeeding and you’re not. I haven’t experienced it hunting (yet — this will be my first season), but when we went out for false albacore the other day my husband got four and I got none. While I was delighted he was catching fish, I really really really wanted to catch one too. It’s something like the opposite of schadenfreude.

    I’m very glad you triumphed in the end. Nice hunt. Nice post.

  9. fishguy

    Love the post, Hank.
    The large majority of reading I do these days is scientific (for work) or cookbooks (for fun). While I still hunt and fish I do not make the time to read the old sporting articles and books that I used to. You have certainly turned me around. I truly enjoy reading your material and can’t wait for the book. Thank you so much for taking us to the prairie with you (I could almost taste that truffled grouse!).

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  11. matt

    been a long time since I have had grouse! LOVE the story mate, and heck that might just be the best camp food I have ever heard..

  12. Nate

    Great story, Hank. Grouse and timberdoodle season is nearly on us here in Gloucester, MA. My dog has been putting up 1 or 2 woodcock on our excursions into Dogtown, and she bumped a pair of grouse a few weeks back. I am looking forward to shooting some birds over her this year. I also found a sweet woodduck honey hole about 10 minutes from our place. Looking forward to the start of the season and some fresh wild meat on the grill.

    Nate Grace

  13. Joshua

    We are glad you are home, and look forward to some fine storytelling over some Thrifty Italian.

  14. Adam

    Loved the story and the pictures (scenery)!

    If you want to do some real grouse hunting swing down to Nebraska. We have two species: sharp tailed and prairie chicken. I’ve never hunted the prairie chicken as it’s mainly in the eastern part of the state, but there are sharp tailed everywhere in the Sandhills region of the state. I’d recommend coming to Valentine, NE (it’s really an outdoorsman’s paradise). Great hunting on public land in that area. There is more information here:

  15. john askew

    Hank….heard you this morning (10/16/10) on KFGO in Fargo, ND. I have hunted pheasants & sharptail grouse in this state for 50 yrs. It truly is the “last of the best”. I enjoyed reading the story!! Do you publish a cookbook of your own?

  16. KF

    Hank – great story. My first sharptail experience was a triple — one of the only upland triples of my life. I walked into a group much like you did at about 10 yards. For as large as the birds are, they don’t fly as fast nor are they as armored as huns, chuckars, pheasants.

  17. highplainsdrifrer

    Awesome read. Sharptail are so fun, and so much work. I like how you noticed that most of your birds flushed on hilltops. I have found sharpies all over the landscape but usually on a high ridgeline above brushy draws. Where I am in Wyoming, very few people hunt sharpies, but they are my favorite quarry. Smart, fast, and delicious.

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