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19 responses to “How to Make Pici Pasta”

  1. Heather

    Hey, where’s the boar liver? 😉

    That looks lovely – rustic elegance at its best. Can’t wait ’til the sprog is nimble-fingered enough to start rolling my pasta into “snakes” for me.

  2. deana@lostpastremembered

    I am really intrigued with farro flour. I look forward to giving it a try … must make for a lusty noodle, yes?? Great recipe.

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  4. Adam Stevens

    Great stuff! We’re letting the dough rest right now (my helper is 5 and is having a blast!

  5. Elizabeth

    My great grandmother and grandmother had a (homemade) pasta board exactly like the one you describe here! My mother often extols to me the virtues of a pasta board, but I haven’t gotten around to making one. I’ve survived without it, but hopefully will have one some day.

    The pici look delicious. Rustic shapes are always so satisfying!

  6. Cooking with Michele

    I take people to a cooking school in southern Italy (Lecce in Puglia) each year and they have 8 pasta boards and they also built a wooden rack they slide into for the pasta to rest or dry – very nifty! And my favorite pasta dish in Siena is the pici, so thanks for sharing!

  7. Dianne Langeland

    We rented an apartment in Panicale (in Umbria) several times and frequently ran into Pici alle Noce which we have yet to be able to recreate. Thank you for sharing the pici part of the memory. Now if you could only come up with the noce…

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  9. Hamannde

    This was delicious! It’s the first time that homemade pasta was successful for me. I had pici in Siena 10 years ago and have been trying to figure out for years what the pasta was called, and this was it! It’s exactly like I remember it. I just made a meatsauce and it was amazing. Thanks!

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  12. Kirsten

    This is a great post! Thank you, I can’t wait to make pici. Yum!

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  15. MikeW

    The board you describe reminds me of a similar board my father had made for my mother.

    Made of solid hardwood, and with two lips: on opposite sides of the board, and facing opposite directions (one up, one down). This lets you use both sides of the board — just flip & rotate 180 degrees.

    My Mom used one side for sweet doughs & the other side for savory doughs.

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  17. John P Scott

    I want to buy a Pici rolling pin. I’ve searched on the web for one but can’t find one. Any suggestion on where I can get one?

  18. Roberta Merrill

    We just returned from Tuscany and ate pice and loved it. We brought home a package for our son-in-law the cook. He just called saying it was great and our eleven year old grandson loved it and was teady to move to Italy! I was so happy to find a recipe for it that sounds doable.

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