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23 responses to “Cicerchia Beans – Flirting with Danger”

  1. Delights and Prejudices » News Feed: July 16

    […] A delicious bean that can kill you. [Hunter Angler Gardener Cook] // […]

  2. Holly Heyser

    Oh, now I see what’s going on. You’re trying to shrink my padunkadunk. That’s it, pal, I’m eating ice cream every night this week!

  3. Jill, The Veggie Queen

    I also love beans, Ken Albala’s book on beans, and I’m willing to flirt with danger for a legume. I may have to hunt them down (my kind of hunting).

    I am also guilty of making soups like yours where the chances of a repeat performance are almost nil.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. tlj

    this is the best post yet. lots of laughs and fascinated by the bean! thanks!

  5. sweetclafoutis

    This is the best food blog post I’ve ever read, period. So funny, so creative, so damn tasty sounding. You rawk! I don’t have any cicerchia beans around, and I like my bum the way it is, but I have some black-eyed peas that are destined for a nice bean salad, pronto!

  6. Dawn (KitchenTravels)

    Hank, you’re kind of pissing me off with this post. I mean, seriously, what are the chances that I’m ever going to be able to make that soup? And I really, really WANT THAT SOUP. Yes, I’m yelling at you. You and your home-grown borage and homemade broth and pheasant confit. AND DELICIOUS SOUP THAT I’LL PROBABLY NEVER BE ABLE TO MAKE. Don’t even bother reminding me that I could try it with one of those “substitutes.” It’s not the same, and you know it.

    Since you make me laugh, I guess I’ll forgive you for mocking me with these tempting, unlikely recipes. This time.

  7. Dawn (KitchenTravels)

    p.s. – you know I’m only kidding right? Mostly.

  8. buzzie

    Laughed my butt off and I didn’t even eat any of those beans…
    We like your backside the way it is also. No more beans for you!

  9. Dana Slatkin

    I’m not sure I’d have the nerve to make this soup, knowing what I now know about the beans, but it sounds so gooooooooooood!

  10. Tamar@StarvingofftheLand

    I’ve been trying to get my ass to wither away for years, and now I know why my efforts have come up short — no cicerchia bean.

    It’s a small leguminous world. I recently contacted Ken Albala for a magazine article on beans I was writing. I should have guessed you two would know each other.

  11. Carol

    Great post, Hank! You crack me up. Ditto all of the above…

  12. Tovar

    Now there’s a bean that knows how to take care of itself. An unusual kind of ass-whooping it delivers, though.

  13. Ken Albala

    Hey Hank THIS is a great posting. They are very endearing beans aren’t they? You’ve actually cooked them many more ways than I’ve ever dreamed. Do let me know when your limbs begin to go gimpy and all!

  14. Derrick

    Some beans can bring the pain. I once made a bean soup and undercooked the red kidneys and they left me dry heaving all next day. Was not pleasant.

  15. John

    “Borage leaves — Why? Because they are overrunning my garden and needed to be taught a lesson.” Very funny Hank! I enjoyed this post a lot. I’m excited to hear about your preparations for the tepary beans!

  16. Dulcinea

    Wow, what a GREAT blog. I will definitely be returning. I followed a link … from somewhere. I had never heard of cicerchia beans, but they sound interesting. And then I noticed the latin name: Lathyrus. Well! This is just a relative of the sweet pea, then. Not quite as exotic as all that. (That leaves me wondering, though, if eating sweetpeas could lead to the same problem?)

  17. maggienz

    Sweet pea (Lathyrus odoratus) contain a different toxin to Lathyrus sativus. L. odoratus contains BAPN which causes skeletal abnormalities if it’s fed excessively to animals. That’s only ever happened in experimental conditions and there have been no cases of toxicity in humans or animals from eating Lathyrus odoratus, even large amounts. That said, I couldn’t vouch for deliciousness of sweet pea!

  18. Laney Kibel

    I was in Matera last summer and had these beans in a soupy puree with sauteed chicory. It was such a great dish. I have been perfecting it using some cicerche beans I brought home with me and
    have also tried it with fresh fava beans. A hearty soothing sensual dish.
    Love it

  19. Emilia Delizia

    Cicerchia forever! bring it on. less meat and more legume for everyone!

  20. Joanne

    Found these in Tarry Market, love beans and was so excited to make a soup, now I am not so sure after reading your post! There are no warnings on the bag, lol!!!

  21. Marilena Tesoro

    I just loved this article! Dont worry, I have eaten Cicerchie beans since I was a child and I’m still alive! Here’s my personal version, give it a try if you have time and let me know.
    I would be honoured!


  22. maria macaluso

    I use to eat cicerchia beans back home in Sicily, I live in Chicago, is there a place where I can buy these beans?
    Thanks a lot

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