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22 responses to “Pushing My Limits”

  1. Sharon Scott

    Great post, you rock.

  2. Laura

    I honestly thought the liver creme sounded pretty bad for the past few weeks, and you know I’m not totally unadventurous about what I eat, but now that I’ve read your description, I think I’m down with it. Well played, Hank!

  3. Matt Ames

    Wow, Hank! You really got my mouth watering with this post!

  4. Heather in SF @ HeatherHAL

    Your cooking is so inspiring, Hank. What about saving the duck breast scraps for a pate? Or sandwiches? (heresy??)

  5. Elise

    I had some of that liver cream caramel in Portland. Absolutely mind-blowing good. Can’t wait to taste your version!

  6. Sean

    Stunning! I adore the look of the green-wrapped duck, and am deeply curious about the liver creme brûlée. Will have to take a stab at that methinks.

  7. Melly


    You are a master. Seriously. The photos Holly took are also absolutely gorgeous. I love liver anything but I am the only one in my family so I dine on liver alone.

    I have The French Laundry cookbook but so far the only thing I have made from it is tomato confit and the stocks. I bow down to you.

    I go to Portland often…and we had a wonderful brunch at Simpatica. I am happy to hear it is still surprising folks.

  8. Brad

    Hank –
    Long time reader, first time caller… Glad you had a go at the crème caramel – I do so love that dish. Great post and beautiful photos (as always). Look forward to going hunting with you guys in the not too distant future…

  9. Stephanie - Wasabimon

    I have many Keller cookbook, but have yet to cook a single recipe from any of them. Maybe I should get off my lazy/intimidated ass and give one a try?

  10. Hank Shaw, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook: Food Blogger Spotlight

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  11. E. Nassar

    Wonderful work Hank. Looks absolutely lovely. I so agree with you about challenging yourself and trying new and unfamilair techniques from top chefs. It makes us better cooks. That is why I try to cook from books like French Laundry, Alinea or Fat Duck. Well, I also enjoy doing that very much, that helps. :-)

    I will be trying your liver creme caramel soon. Possibly with chicken livers though.

  12. Alisa

    Hi Hank,

    Just dropping by from Your photos are beautiful and the way you described the creme caramel had me drooling! I havent tried this before, but Im bookmarking your recipe to make soon :)

  13. E. Nassar

    I forgot to mention also, Paula Wolfert, in her book (one of your favorites if I am not mistaken) The Cooking of Southwest France has a recipe for duck liver flans with vinegar caramel sauce. That one is fantastic. Sounds familiar though. Right?

  14. Josh

    Sounds great – I love liver, and I love caramel!

    As for the roulade… mallow leaves?

  15. Lynn

    Both dishes are very appealing and I now have them on my list of items to try. The creme caramel idea with protein is new to me and fantastic at that. Although neither I nor the hubby are big fans of liver, I’m going to try it with liver first. As always, thanks for sharing wonderful things!

  16. Dawn (KitchenTravels)

    Good god, these both look incredible. Holly’s photos are gorgeous, and that duck roulade? I wanted to lick the screen. Curious where you found the salsify. Was it from your garden? Farmer’s market? I don’t recall ever seeing it, although perhaps that’s because I haven’t actively sought it out…

    Beautifully cooked and presented recipes. Well done!

  17. David Shaw

    Your roulade looks a lot better than mine.

  18. Hank Shaw, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook: Food Blogger Spotlight

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