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16 responses to “Spring Explosion”

  1. Jessica @ How Sweet

    Those ramps look so tasty. I am going in search of some morels this weekend, but I don’t know if I’ll find any here!

  2. Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen)

    Beautiful!! Congratulations on the Beard nomination, if not the win.

  3. Kirsten

    Gorgeous post: the photos, the pairings, the writing! I just made ramps and morels too and I’m adding a link to this post so more people will eat more morels and ramps!

  4. Karen

    That’s a beautiful plate of Spring goodness! Glad to hear you ate your way through NY after the erroneous award of best blog!

  5. Russell

    That’s exactly the kind of dish I like to make; just using what is fresh, right, now. I’m headed up to look for Morels and Oyster Mushrooms this weekend, but the snow level is still pretty low. Not holding out much hope.

    I thought ramps were an East Coast thing?

  6. Sophia

    Yum, this looks great. A perfect meal for the spring. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Bill

    New Yorkers wouldn’t know a good blog if it bit them in the keester! Who needs those eastern nerd boys anyway?

    Oh, I forgot, you are from the east coast, aren’t you? Nevermind then….

  8. rebecca

    Fabulous use of the eggs!!

  9. Stephanie

    That looks beautiful! it’s really nice to see so many perfectly seasonal ingredients on one plate. Too bad the foraging here in London doesn’t produce morels and pheasant eggs- I guess I’ll have to stick to the shops for mine!

  10. Laura

    Sad. So sad about the JB thing. Felt for sure it was yours. But spring eats! yay! We just got back from New Mexico where the casita owner kept chickens and so we ate many a spankin’ fresh egg. Also favas are in the 4th week here at the farmer’s markets — last night it was favas, asparagus, spring onion, and red quinoa salad. Love those favas, miss them when they’re gone.

  11. Laura

    Red quinoa is the key, not the white kind. Red is nice. And YES PLEASE on those favas!

  12. Lynsey James March

    Yum! What a great springtime dish! It’s a bonus that it’s a veggie one!

  13. Laura P

    Lovely! I just harvested my tiny plot of fava beans, and reading that you were do a lamb demo this weekend I had to wonder if you have ever done or considered a Silence of the Lambs menu? I know it’s not an original idea, but I feel there are creative opportunities there!

  14. Peter

    Hey, Hank. Sorry about the JB thing- third time is the charm. Next time you’re coming to the city, let me know; I was actually there at the same time having a few blogger dinners. If you’re inspired to try growing ramps, contact these people in February and they’ll send you bulbs:

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