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13 responses to “Beachcomber’s Risotto”

  1. Arthur Evans

    I’ve been enjoying the blog. This one sounds good!

    I have to say, though… Sullen rice? Really?

    I have always added the wine in whatever state it happened to be in–chilled or unchilled–and never noticed the rice being shocked, sullen, or even vaguely sulky either way.

    I have no hard evidence, but it sounds like a myth to me. The next time I make risotto maybe I’ll divide the batch in half and test out the sullen rice theory.

    Keep up the good work,

  2. deana@lostpastremembered

    Hank: I never knew that about fish stock. I save bones and shells in the freezer until I have enough and then make stock… it never occured to me that it could go bad there! oh my! Thanks for the tip.

  3. Josh

    That looks great, and it only cost me about 2400 calories to acquire about one tenth of the ingredients you needed…

  4. Karen

    This is a delicious looking bowl of risotto. I have to admit that before reading this, I’ve not warmed up my broth. I thought, eh, what’s the difference? Thanks to your great explanation of what happens in the pan when cooking risotto, from now on I intend to use hot broth!

  5. Karen

    I forgot to ask… someone once told me that a not-too-deep, wide pan is best for cooking risotto. Do you have a preference – and why? Thanks :)

  6. The Italian Dish

    I loved your post. Yes, this is exactly how dishes like cioppino came to be.

    As for the risotto, all the rices you listed are very good. I make lots and lots of risotto! But for something very special, try Acquerello rice from Italy. You can get it from lots of Italian food purveyors or even Amazon! Try it and see what you think. This family has been producing this artisan rice forever.

    “You will hear when the rice wants more water”. I loved the way you described making the risotto.

  7. Charles G Thompson

    I love the Bodega Bay area and know it well as I went to high school in Santa Rosa — made this a fun read for me. Armchair experiencing your trials and tribulations while also being familiar with where your were. Not a bad result for your troubles!

  8. The Italian Dish


    Alain Ducasse calls it the Rolls Royce of rice. The Fat Duck only uses Acquerello for their risottos. It results in a risotto where the grains do not stick together. If you love risotto, check it out. And the farming practices of the farm is interesting.

  9. matt

    Lovely stuff. A great looking risotto. I will have to look into that rice. I never thought about the temperature thing with freezing fish stock – makes sense now that you spell it out.

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  11. Teri Pieper

    Thinking about making this tonight with frozen razor clams that we dug a few months ago and I wonder how to prevent them from getting tough, as they are prone to do, when I make the stock? Any thoughts?

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