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The New Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

As you can by now see, there are big changes happening here at Hunter Angler Gardener Cook. For starters, I’ve decided to become a wholly owned subsidiary of ConAgra and Nabisco and start writing solely about how much I love processed food. Or not.

Seriously, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook began in November 2007 as a little place to post my musings on real food, honest food. (Thus the URL.) I wrote occasionally for magazines at the time, and still do. In fact I have an article on wild ducks in the latest issue of The Art of Eating, which if you don’t subscribe to you really ought to; it is my favorite food magazine. But I had more ideas than I could sell to magazines, so I started this blog.

Now, more than two years later, I’ve had the honor of being nominated for a James Beard Award and receive more traffic in an hour now than I used to in a whole week. I have a tough time expressing how humbling this is, and how much it makes me not want to disappoint you all.

So with the site grown so large, I decided to spruce up the place to make it easier to move around in. The biggest change is in how you will be able to find things here at HAGC. My most recent blog post will always be in this spot, and excerpts from the four previous posts will be immediately underneath it.

In the middle column I have added even more places for you to read posts I’ve written on other topics. The idea is that if the last five blog posts are about wild game, Italian food, foraging, the garden and Greek food, then the content in the middle will feature posts about, say, French food or fishing or charcuterie. It is a reflection of the fact that I do a lot of disparate stuff when I am not at work, healing from torn Achilles tendon injuries or sleeping…

I’ve added more to the navigation bar up top, too. Notably, there is better classification of the nearly 200 recipes I’ve written for this site. Yes folks, there are actually 187 recipes here. Bet you did not know that. And that’s another reason for the redesign.

Finally, I have decided to accept advertising.  I know, I know, can the Olestra ads be far behind? With any luck, the answer is “yes, very far behind.” (So to speak.) I spend an enormous amount of time writing and researching Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, and be certain that I have no plans to slack off any time soon — even though I also have a day job and am writing a book based off this blog as we speak.

What I hope to achieve with the few ads I plan to sell on this site (other than the obvious, which is to make a little money to support my fishing, foraging and hunting habits), is to offer avenues for you the reader to buy what you need to actually make some of the esoteric stuff I write about here. There are places that sell venison, and game birds, and exotic mushrooms. I am particularly obsessed with unusual seed catalogs. And there is cookware I find I cannot live without and would endorse wholeheartedly. This is the sort of stuff I hope to have in my advertisements.

Naive? Probably. But as I am not quitting my day job anytime soon, I have the luxury of being selective. I hope you understand. Meanwhile, have a look around the new place and ferret about a bit. Kick the tires and jump on the bed. When you’re done, let me know in the comments section if you like it, and if there is anything you’d like me to rearrange.

Most of all, thank you for reading,


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