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12 responses to “Celebrating the Darkest Day of the Year”

  1. Josh

    Looks like something you’d have to serve at the Grim Reaper’s birthday party.

  2. kindred spirit

    “It’s like, how much more black can this be? And the answer is none, none more black” ~ Nigel Tufnel, Spinal Tap.

  3. TommyP

    That is so much more metal than anything Ted Nugent ever cooked up. You should totally serve this with a side of Norwegian death metal (which is almost as scary as Norwegian Gammelost)!

    I’ve seen black paella in Spain… same concept, but with rice… not bad…

    Great blog, Hank – will def. bookmark.

  4. Tamar

    Seems like a lot more work than just burning the toast, but I think it would be worth it.

  5. kindred spirit

    At the risk of taking the movie refrence one step beyond funny, the dish should be called “Smell The Glove.” Okay, I swear I’m done now.
    That looks so cool. I have a question though …
    You say you thought the pasta was thick and gummy, but you addressed those problems in the final version of the recipe. How did you resolve them?
    Oh yeah, I think the Grim Reaper would want cheese.

  6. Dawn

    Glad to see your server/hosting/website problems apparently resolved. Interesting dish, sounds delicious. If you wanted to make a multi-course Winter Solstice dinner, perhaps you could serve this with Black Cod. Of course, that would be black in name only. But still…

  7. Chilebrown

    I will not be makng that for Christmas. That dish is so awesome and different that I will just put in on the recipe shelf of life.
    Merryy Christmas!

  8. deana@lostpastremembered

    Awesome photo… black is so chic…even on a plate… sexy dish for a New Years for 2!

  9. Casey

    I love pasta with squid ink..

    Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Mia

    Wow, absolutely fantastic recipe!
    I had bought squid ink fettucini from Eataly and wasn’t sure how to cook it. Tried this recipe, and it was delicious!

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