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13 responses to “Playing with Pigeons”

  1. r.

    Caviar may be a bit over my head and palate, but this is gorgeous. Can’t get enough fowl recipes from the HAGC. Keep them coming.

  2. Carolina Rig

    It sure is prettier than any Butterball turkey or Perdue chicken!

  3. T. Michael Riddle

    Every time I visit your site here Hank I gain a few pounds.
    The Shrooms are aplenty over at Priest Valley anytime you and Holly want to go over there.

    There are so very many wild swine at the Jolon site that all edible’s are scooped up as soon as they are available.

  4. Julia

    I find it so funny the food prejudices people have. It’s no wonder, considering Americans rename animals they eat… pigeon (squab), deer (venison) pig (pork), cow (beef)

    I had some wonderful Bisteeya in Morocco, and made it once here, but with chicken instead of pigeon. This dish here looks wonderful!

  5. Dana McCauley

    I love squab. In fact, I’d choose it over partridge or goose any day.

    I’ve never had a chance to eat the pigeon species you describe but I’d gladly pull a chair up to a table serving them if I was invited!

  6. Josh

    I ruined a pigeon once. However, I’ve also eaten pigeon cooked like carnitas that were extraordinarily good. Pichon, it was cooked in a giant copper bowl over a half-barrel, filled with oil and salt, and cooked with everything else in there, too – chicken and pork.

  7. @shotgunner

    Nice post!

    I do “pigeon patrol” for a dairy farm. Pigeons are blamed for losses of $250K annually on this one farm. Why? They eat the cow food. That by itself oughta make them tasty!

    Annually I and a few select buddies kill over 1000. The workers take all that I and my friends don’t want. They make chili and other Mexicandelicacies.

    My favorite home recipes are stroganoff and shredded pigeon tacos.

    FWIW there are days in late summer when it’s “hot barrel” shooting ’til we run out of shells. Who needs Argentina?!?!

  8. Mike S

    Have you ever worked with bandtail pigeons?

  9. Mike S

    You have a treat in store, Hank. Both shooting and eating.

    Recommend a recipe for Hungarian (grey) partridge?

  10. Ryan

    My goodness, that picture is making me crave another squab-fest. I seriously regret passing up on all of the squab-related dishes I’ve had the chance to order through the years. At least I know now!

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