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21 responses to “Grouse Hunting – The Prodigal Son Returns”

  1. amy

    Your hunting stories are always great! I look forward to reading your recipes about both the hares and the grouse!

  2. Sporting Days

    What an epic hunting trip. I sure hope some of these hunting stories make it into your new book.

    As grouse hunting tends to dominate upland hunting literature, I’ve read quite a few grouse hunting stories over the years. But I can’t ever ever remember anyone bagging six grouse in a single day.

    Supposedly, we have good population of ruffed grouse in the California forests — but just not the tradition of hunting them that they do in the East or upper Midwest.

    I’m a big fan Bob White, too. Cool that you had dinner with him. I’ve bought and used his notecards for years.

  3. dan

    Any chance on a recipe for the Chilindron?

  4. dan

    Sorry, Great Blog also

  5. Josh

    Great story. Upland is my favorite, and I’ve yet to hunt ruffed grouse, so it was nice learning about it. It sounds like a flatter, less brushy version of mountain quail hunting.

  6. David LaFerney

    Great story.

    I’ve never been grouse hunting because I’m a southern boy, but you need to get into a dove shoot. Mourning doves that is. You’ll go through boxes of shells (if you’re like most of us) and if you get a limit (10 or so depending on where) you’re a champ. Plus – great on the table. All the good action is on opening day though.

  7. Kevin

    When I was 8-12 years old, we used to go hunting and limit out – about 30-40 birds in a couple days. We were, and still are, mocked if we don’t succeed with a clean head shot.

  8. Kevin

    I just realized that my comment makes me look like a totally self-absorbed-one-uppin’-doofus.

  9. Lance

    My money is on Morganella pyriformis as your mystery mushroom. Older ones that are already sporing out.

  10. Live to Hunt

    What a great adventure. It truly does seem like worlds apart from where we sit here in Nor Cal with the type of game we pursue. Good stuff.

  11. Russell

    Based on that photo (that is a straight down shot right?) I’m seconding Morganella Pyriformis on those little puffball mushrooms. People call them Wolf Farts, which is what their old name Lycoperdon translates to. We get them here in the Puget Sound area, they usually grow on rotting wood, usually in disturbed areas like roads and trailsides, and I pick them whenever I get the opportunity. They’re fairly tasty when young. Those ones however, are not so prime… When they get old they turn sortof olive drab and then eventually split open to puff out spores. Part of this post talks about cooking some I found earlier this Summer.

  12. J.R. Young

    I never thought I’d read about Grand Rapids, MN in a blog. My Mom was raised there, and I’ve been back a couple of times. My great uncles have a hunting cabin for deer camp which my Mom would love for me to attend to get to know her uncles. She grew up eating grouse that her dad and uncles hunted in the woods near Grand Rapids. Small world.

  13. Zach

    I’m from the Grand Rapids area, living in the Twin Cities now. You mentioned that the area reminded you of back home. Your article, not just the topic but the way you wrote it, did the same for me. Thank!

  14. tanya

    aww…what CUTE little dead bunnies.

  15. Brady

    Can’t wait to try the Chilndron with a couple of squirrels I have in the freezer. Can’t decide on white or red wine, I think I am leaning towards a light red…

    In the picture of the grouse being held by an undisclosed man holding a shotgun ( I am guessing your hunting partner as credit is given to you for the picture) I can’t help but notice the shotgun looks like and over-under, not a sidexside…..Great article.

    Just started curing a hindquarter from a yearling doe using your recipe for goat ham. I’ll keep you posted.


  16. BobWhite


    Thanks again for such a wonderful time… dinner was amazing, and the company superb.

    Nice to have had the opportunity to meet you, and I look forward to more times together.

    I’ll give the grapefruit wine a little time before uncorking the next bottle! – BobWhite

  17. suburbanbushwacker

    great story

  18. Pete Schultz

    I just found your wonderful article and I’m enthused. You’ve written about some of my favorite areas to hunt grouse, and have captured the feel of the sport perfectly. Next time you want to come to Minnesota for a Grouse hunt, I say plan it for the Columbus Day weekend, always the best, and plan to work in a stop at the Lost 40 north of Grand Rapids near Dora Lake.

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